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35 They were desirous to be baptized as a witness and a testimony that they were willing to serve God with all their hearts; Mosiah 21:35

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Losing your Best Friend

We walked through fire together. We met when children become teenagers to help each other through the rocky years of high school. You pushed me on my first two and half mile run for pizza only to run with me eight years later at our first 5K. You needed a family that wasn't broken, I needed a friend who could laugh with me through anything. We met through horses to find we had more in common than our interests. We were lost together wandering through years of pain. We saw the light together while bringing light to all others around us. You were my best friend.
We spent countless days playing barbies as teenagers while competing against one another for every horse event possible. We could not be separated. We laughed together. We laughed more than two people should be allowed to laugh in a life time. We swam in green water and painted the pool with high hopes. We spent endless nights on the trampoline. We were happy. We could not betray trust because we were the very meaning and essence of trust. You were my best friend.
We grew up.
Our friendship was more important than distance. Our phone calls brought happiness as we worked through adult problems. You were my best friend. You were there to put me in line as as I worried about boys as I was there to lift you from the burning pain your family provided each time they went back to prison. We slept in our cars together. We walked hand in hand into a free limo ride leading to disaster. We saw true hate and learned to fight against it. We handed food to dissatisfied truckers and laughed as we over heated in the freezer. We drove through the night singing girlie songs of men's betrayal. You taught me to see another side of life. We learned to never give up no matter what the challenge. You introduced me to lust. You were my best friend. We broke our trust.
I never saw how your heart ached for normalcy. You never saw how I ached to be different. You were more than a friend to me; you became family. Our friendship became something that tore us apart. After years of not speaking our friendship has dissolved and we are lost from each other once again.
I miss the laughing. You were my best friend.
Growing up is more than taking on responsibilities and aging. Growing up is change. Change, no matter what happens, can always be for the better. Growing up has taught me how important the little things are and how much I truly miss jumping into anything with out looking first. Growing up means becoming truly aware or who you are and where you are going. I lost my best friend because I realized who I was while she realized who she was. We went in two opposite directions; neither of us looking back.


The McCullough Crew said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing. I can relate on some kind of level.

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

I think it is interesting as a child to believe things will never change; then they do.