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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I love Arizona!

Stephen and I took a mini trip to Arizona last weekend. I really thought we would have more time to do things; however, we ran out of time fast. We spent the weekend with Stephen's family and got to see how much everyone has changed in only 4 months! My parents also drove down to help Craig and Blair look for homes in Maricopa. I also had a wedding to attend so the weekend went by fast with hardly any moment of down time. I am sad to say we didn't get to see a few people I wanted to and we didn't get to do a few things that needed to get done, but all in all I had a BLAST in the HOT weather in Phoenix.
We arrived at 10 AM on Friday morning. I was wearing a sweater and expected to keep it on all day. My outfit was sort of planned around the sweater. Well the second Stephen and I stepped outside to wait for our ride I took the sweater off. I was sweating by the time I got in the car! I believe it was about 92 degrees that day. We left ABQ at about 65 degrees!
We were able to spend a lot of time with Stephen's family shopping and eating out then we went to watch a long movie with Craig and Blair.
Saturday was all about the wedding and straightening my hair. It took about two hours to get my hair straight and in the end I think I really decided that I should have left it curly. Either way, I have only a few pictures of the wedding.

Saturday night Stephen and I drove up to the north part of Phoenix for a fun game night with Craig and Blair. For the first time in our gaming history, Stephen won BOTH games we played (I think it was the diet pepsi max). I guess we were all too tired to pay attention to the game. I took some pictures so Stephen could remember what it felt like to win two games in a row!
Enjoy! AND I miss you, Arizona!


Clay~Tansey~Cade said...

It's weird that comming to Arizona is a visit for you now and not your home. Looks like you guys had a great time. Cute baby bump btw.

Craig, Blair and Turbo Skousen said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...the funniest thing about that game picture is that Craig has food in his teeth and a Knights of Catan piece in his eyeball. I look slightly retarded. I can't believe Stephen beat him TWICE!!!! I hope Craig will always remember how he lost twice to Stephen E. Barnes in one night!

YES...I do think it was that Pepsi Max...

Kayla said...

Is that Settlers? Good times, and your tummy is looking good.

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Yes, it was settlers of Catan... and Monopoly. Craig usually dominates both games... but not that fateful night. :)

Jake said...

It is so crazy that you are starting to show! I am way stoked for you guys! Tell Cooper congrats on her wedding! I wish that I could have been there!

Lindsey & Brett said...

It looks like a fun time! I wish I could have been there. I'm starting to notice that you actually almost look pregnant. Next time you're in AZ, I hope I'm there too. :)

Shanan, Corey and Danica said...

It looks like a blast. Hopefully we can hang out the next time you come--which I know will be a while. You look great. :)