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Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have other things to blog about... such as date night and snow in New Mexico... so I will make this short.
HOA's ARE EVIL!!! They give you stupid violations and up the price with out telling a soul!

I state this one more time for my own benefit: HOA's ARE EVIL!

OK... I will update later about the positive.



Meagan Rogers said...

Hmm that''s how I feel about my HOA lately too.

Craig, Blair and Turbo Skousen said...

HAHA...hilarious. Craig and I know ALL about HOA evilness....

JaneaBug said...

Oh I agree!!! We hate them! Ours here isn't bad, but we won't buy a house in a development like this with horrid HOA fees! They are the devil! Our last place was horrid we had to get out!!! They did stuff without telling us as well...not cool!! Can we start a union against them?? lol!

Clay~Tansey~Cade said...

You are SO right! We just found out that ours is going up next year....GRRRR

BrooksBunch said...

The ultrasound picture of your little man is so cute... I love profile pictures. We'll be seeing you soon! You'd better look more pregnant than last time I saw you:-)

Lindsey & Brett said...

Ha ha ha. It's true. Well, I guess it depends on your HOA, but for the most part, yes, they are evil. When I worked for the Town of Gilbert in Neighborhood Services, a lot of the complaints I would get were about their HOA.