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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


WARNING! Contains graphic details. Do not read if you want to have children EVER!

February 17, 2009 Tuesday 12 AM: I laid awake in bed reading Harry Potter. I have been trying to get through all of the books before the next movie comes out. I start to feel a bit of pain in my abdomen that lasts for about 30 seconds. The pain comes back 10 minutes later. It felt just like a period cramp. EXACTLY like my horrendous period cramps caused from undiagnosed endometriosis. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. Sleep was taken in 10 minute intervals through out the night. I figured I could make it through the 30 second pain until my 9:30 AM doctors appointment. So, through the night I counted to 30 every 10 minutes. This helped me focus less on the pain and more on the fact that the pain would be gone by the time I reached thirty.

Tuesday 9:30 AM: Stephen decided to come with me to visit the doctor since the "contractions" hadn't let up. I figured it was some type of "false labor" or "braxton hicks" all these women talk about. Upon arrival I go through the usual steps: check weight (163 lbs), check Urine, and undress from the waste down. After explaining to the nurse that I had just had 3 contractions while talking to her, she gets Doctor Chavez. She walks in and asks routine questions, checks the heart beat of the baby, then goes in for the plunge. She felt my cervix and said that I did indeed seem to be in early labor but I was not dilated. NOT ONE BIT!!!! Nine Hours of labor and my body couldn't even dilate to a one?? Come on! She sent me home and told me to "rest". I had planned to go to work that day but with the 30 second pain coming every 10 minutes I opted to stay home. Since nothing was really happening with my body, Stephen went off to work.

Tuesday 11:00 PM: Stephen arrives home from work and I am in more pain and the contractions are getting closer together. They are now about 7 to 8 minutes apart and lasting about 45 seconds. The pain is worse. I haven't slept in a day and my mind is starting to go a little crazy. I keep counting to 30 with the hope that the pain will disappear. (Fat chance!) I have been laying on the couch trying to drift in and out of sleep while watching TV as Stephen walks in the apartment. He asks me if things have been getting better. By the concerned look on my face and counting he does not need an answer. We both try to sleep that night but for me there was no hope. I let Stephen sleep in the bed while I went back out on the couch hoping to distract my mind from the pain. I even tried taking a warm bath to ease the pain. Many women talk of this awesome warm bath and its healing powers. IT DOESN'T WORK! I decide that my contractions are now about 5 to 6 minutes apart and last a full minute. The pain of each contraction is mind blowing. On a scale of 1 to 10 I have reached an 8!! I figure this really has to be it.

February 18, 2009 Wednesday 10:00 AM: After using the bathroom 1 million times I start to see the "bloody show" if you will and now I am getting excited. Doctor Chavez said to go to the hospital when contractions are 5 minutes apart. YEAH! I waited until Stephen woke up at 10 AM. My Mom called and said she really thought I was in labor. I couldn't even speak to her on the phone and promised I would go to the hospital. I really didn't want to be turned away. I wanted this baby to come out and I wanted the pain GONE! Stephen called his work and let them know he was not coming in that evening. We checked our list and checked our hospital bags. We were ready for this baby to come. As we drove over ever single bump on the way to the hospital I really pondered if I was truly ready for this baby to come. After bouncing around in the car I just wanted the pain to end. We arrive at Lovelace Women's Hospital at 1 PM Wednesday afternoon. By this time I could barely walk and the pain was increasing. It seemed impossible that the pain could get any worse. We walked to the elevator... PAIN... we walked to triage... PAIN... I sat on the floor.... PAIN! They took a routine urine sample and told me to undress from the waist down. A nice female nurse walked in and asked if it would be OK to have a male student come in. At this point I didn't really care. I just wanted her to say I was dilated to a 4 and give me an epidural. She put on the gloves... check me... and I was dilated to a FINGERTIP!!! Yes, folks, a fingertip!!! All that pain and nothing!! NOTHING!! The nurse calls my doctor and is tells me to "walk around" for two hours then come back.

Wednesday 4:00 PM: Stephen and I decide we are starving so we head to Einstein's Bagels to have a yummy bagel sandwich. NO, the pain is not gone. Every single bump the car drives over is excruciating. I can not stand it. We walk SLOWLY into the bagel shop, order, and I use the bathroom while we wait for our food. Miserable pain. By this time my mind has really decided this pain is going to last forever. I figured this was all false labor and I was not going to have this baby for another week or year or EVER! Stephen and I drive back to the hospital and walk around for two hours. We walk up to the third floor Triage center hoping to hear some good news. The nurse checks me... NOTHING!!!!!! She calls my doctor again who then prescribes an anti-anxiety medicine to help me sleep. Stephen and I drive back home (empty handed) and pick up my prescription. I take 4 anti-anxiety pills and lay down on the couch to "sleep". Nothing helps. The prescription does nothing to dull the pain, it only makes me more sleepy but I can't sleep through the contractions that are now 3 to 5 minutes apart and last well over a minute. My counting method has really stopped working by this time because the pain is not gone in 30 seconds. Frankly, the pain got worse when I reached 30, so it was more of a punishment to count.

February 19, 2009 Thursday 1:00 AM: I had it! I could not take another contraction. I could not take the pain for another minute. It had been two days... two days with out sleep, with out relief from the pain, with out a clear thought. It was terrible! I woke Stephen up, who was not sleeping... we had both been laying in the living room timing contractions and trying to sleep while watching TV. This time we had everything ready to go. We had been to the hospital 12 hours earlier and just got into Stephen's old Toyota. We made the 15 minute drive to the hospital, again. I knew the road well. I knew where the bumps were. I prayed that we would be at a stop light when the contractions hit. For the most part, we were stopped. Stephen looked terrified as I counted to 30 and told him not to drive when the light turned green. On a scale of 1 to 10 this pain was a 20!!!

Thursday 1:15 AM: We finally arrived at the hospital. We slowly limped into the hospital. I crawled on the elevator to head to the third floor. We have been to the third floor many, many, many times. I had four kidney stones while pregnant and spent two of those horrific kidney stones on the third floor of the Lovelace Women's Hospital. I literally crawl to the check in desk as Stephen tells the staff I am in labor. They walk me to a room and tell me to leave a urine sample and to completely undress. By this time I told Stephen we were not going home with out some type of pain medication. The nurse finally walks in to check me. Great news, I am dilated to a ONE!!!!!! A ONE!!! That is it!! Two days of pain and my body can only produce small, insignificant results. I tell the nurse I want drugs. She gives me a shot of Demerol and says to sleep. I dozed in and out of consciousness. The Demerol numbed the pain but did not take it away. I could feel every contraction and the worst part was... I knew it was doing nothing!!!

Thursday 7:00 AM: My doctor arrives. She checks me. I am dilated to a TWO!!! Progress! She says, "Do you want to have this baby today?" Stephen and I look at each other and with out even thinking we both blurt out, "YES!" She says that she is going to break my water and start me on pitocin. I have heard horror stories about the pain pitocin can bring, but really, at this point, how much more pain can I be in?? (Dumb thought). She comes back in, reaches inside me with a hook and breaks my water. It was a warm gush of the oddest colored fluid. The fluid is "clear" according to her and says I am OK to start pitocin. I really wanted my epidural and the nurse explained I could either get it right then or wait a few hours. WHY OH WHY would I WAIT!! It has been forever! I can not wait another moment. The IV is stuck in my arm to start the pitocin as the epidural guy walks in. He begins to explain all the risks and says that I have to be perfectly still as he does the procedure. I, then, put both feet on the side of the bed and lean over while another painful contraction happens. Stephen and the nurse hold my body still as he numbs the area. Not painful at all considering the contractions I have had. He then pushes the epidural in my spine. Not painful. I lean back and the procedure is done. He turns on the pain medication. Not instant relief, but I know it is coming. The nurse then puts in a catheter because I will not be able to get up and walk around to get to the bathroom anymore.

Thursday 7:30 AM: I call my Mom and let her know we are actually going to have the baby today! She jumps in the car with my Dad and they head to Albuquerque. Almost all of the pain is gone by this point. I feel great. I actually feel like I could sleep. Stephen turns his little chair into a bed as I try to sleep.

Sorry, folks, Edward is awake... I will continue the rest of the story later....


JaneaBug said...

I didn't dilate passed a 2 ever!! LOL! You should have had some Nubane. =) Sounds like you had an exciting time, can't wait to hear the rest of your tale.

B & K said...

Oh my gosh. I need more details. Soon!!! Don't worry- you can't scare me from having kids, because we're ADOPTING. ok- j/k, not really...

Melissa & Phil said...

An epidural is the most amazing thing ever!!!

Micah and Melinda said...

I scheduled a c-section (docs orders) and i am sssoooo glad i did! You poor poor poor sweet woman!

Meagan Rogers said...

You're kidding me! I'm sitting here nursing my little baby enjoying your story and you quit right when it gets good! I guess I'll be back later to see how this ended.

Liz said...

Reason 1,000,0001 not to have a baby HAHAHA!

Shanan, Corey and Danica said...

ironically i was also reading while nursing the baby...edward picks the most inopportune times to wake up...dont worry I dont think the ever outgrow that. :)

Christine said...

How mean! I've got to hear a good story right now! I am so sorry to hear how terrible this was for you, though! Hopefully the next one (I know you are rolling your eyes) will go better! And yes, epidurals are the best thing on the planet!

Heidi said...

Oh come on, Jules! You can't leave me hanging there! Really, how cruel! :) Anyway, I probably should have told you that Demerol doesn't do much...it just makes you feel like you are on drugs of some sort. I've never been on drugs, but if that's what it truly feels like then why the heck would anyone want to be a druggie?? Know what I mean?