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Saturday, May 15, 2010

What happend yesterday???

My day started out as normal as any other day to date. I woke up at 7:15 AM to hear Edward laughing in his crib. I promptly joined him to find he was laughing at the Lion on his bedspread. We went downstairs and made lunch for Stephen then I started up breakfast. All normal.
After breakfast Edward and I got ready for our adventure to the gym, park, and to get water. While getting water I saw the Quiznos next door and really wanted to eat a sandwich; however, being lazy, I didn't want to get Edward out of his car seat so I moved on. While driving home I passed a Wendy's. Honestly, if you know me, I DON'T EAT OUT! So something deep inside was calling to me. I did a u-turn and drove up to the drive through.
It was Noon so the lunch line was long. No big deal. I had seen the new BBQ Chicken Wings commercials and that is what my stomach was after. After ordering a kids meal for Edward, something I said I would NEVER do, I drove up to the window. I handed the lady my card and received my food. Well not all of it as it turned out. I had to do another U-turn and drive back to Wendy's. I really thought about leaving the kids meal behind but I just paid nearly $10 bucks for our lunch. So I had to fight the lunch traffic, park in the handicapped spot, take Edward out of his car seat then go inside to get his kids meal. Up to this moment Edward was being perfectly normal.
Lunch passed with out anything odd and I went to put Edward down for his nap. I noticed something in his mouth. I didn't look to hard because he is teething, or so I thought. I figured what I was seeing was two more teeth springing up. Edward woke up a short hour later giving me just enough time to shower, clean the bathrooms, and read. He was not happy. I gave him so medicine.
Stephen came home and I told him to look in Edwards mouth at the interesting new teeth. "That is not a tooth" he said. Um? WHAT? I looked as closely as I could at his 1 year old mouth; and that is harder than you think. It looked like THREE teeth were in the place on one tooth. I sort of started to panic a little. I called a dentist who lives across the street. He didn't answer. I decided I would just walk over there with Edward. Was this going to be major dental work?? Where had the other two teeth come from?
He didn't answer his door. While walking back home I touched the "teeth" to find they were made of PLASTIC!! Plastic!! WHAT? Then I took a much much closer look. This was not teeth. This was something. Something he had tried to eat!!!
I went home and made a phone call to my friend who knows EVERYONE. It was Friday. 5:00. No dentist would be at work and I was sure I didn't know how to get this plastic thing out from between his teeth. My friend Elizabeth made one call. That one call allowed Edward to go over to a Hygienists house and she would fish it out. One problem... I had a dance audition to attend at 6:00.
Stephen drove Edward over to the Nessbaum house and helped with the extraction. Turns out it was a small plastic tube used for arts and crafts. It had been wedged so deep in his gums that it appeared to be two other teeth. I am sure it had been there for a while. I looked painful. It is out! His teeth look normal and he seems to actually be a bit happier today.
I drove to my Dance audition. You know what? I can't dance. I mean, I can dance to my own rhythm and made up moves, but it is extremely difficult to dance to someone else's complicated steps. Also, I can't tap dance. I can pretend. I didn't do as poorly as I thought I would. Actually, this was my best dance audition to date. That really isn't saying much. I didn't make it to the dance call backs (it would have been a miracle if I did). I don't mind. I learned a lot and it just reaffirms that I need to take lessons.
After the drive home I really started thinking. That thinking led to a two hour discussion with Stephen. Yikes! So here I am, 6:00 AM, bright and shining!
Hope your Saturday treats you well!


Christine said...

All I can say is WOW!!

Kayla said...

Double wow! Poor guy. Too bad about the dance audition, I can't even pretend to tap.

Craig, Blair and Turbo Skousen said...

How crazy!! I sure you did great on your audition...you always do great!

Lindsey and Brett said...

Poor little Edward. Also, I love that you still go and audition for musicals and such. Maybe if I ever learn to sing, I'll try again. I'm sure your dancing was fantastic! :)

Andrea said...

Wow, 1 tooth -> 3 teeth -> plastic piece! Glad you figured it out! :-)

Anonymous said...

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