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35 They were desirous to be baptized as a witness and a testimony that they were willing to serve God with all their hearts; Mosiah 21:35

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am on track with my goal for the year; 130 by 30. It is actually breath taking to realize I am going to accomplish most of my goals before the age of 30. I would love to weigh 130 pounds before the big day, but I am not going to count on that happening mostly because I haven't weighed less than 140 in the last two years.
I have set many goals for myself over my life time and I have accomplished ALL save two or three. The goal to become a lawyer is obviously not ever going to happen. When I got in to college I realized how hard I would have to study and decided I would rather stick with my passion, singing. Which brings me to my next goal, sing professional Opera. I was able to accomplish this goal before I turned 21; however, I haven't been in an Opera since I graduated from college over 6 years ago. My chance has come up again, and right before I turn 30! YEAH.
I set a lofty goal for myself when I was 18, to run a marathon before I turned 30. I had no idea how hard this was actually going to be. I have run a half marathon and almost died. I am starting to train for the full that will be June 6th and I am already having my doubts. This is going to be much harder than I thought.
I wanted to have all my children before I turned 30. Check! I know most people will say, "what about your daughter?" I guess my daughter is going to have to be my niece. I am so happy to have two beautiful boys. I know I was sent boys to raise them as good men. This will be my challenge and I gladly step up.
Now to set goals for the next 30 years of my life. Any suggestions? Maybe this time I will be a little more lenient with myself. My main goal for the next 30 years it so be a great wife, mother, daughter, and sister. Overall, just be a good woman.
In other news: we are blessing Nolen this coming Sunday and would love for you to come and take part. Church starts at 9:00 AM and is off Paseo and Rainbow. Hope to see you there.


Heidi said...

This post simply touched my heart, Jules!! I loved it! You are such an awesome woman, and you inspire me to be a better person. Those are some awesome goals and wonderful accomplishments! I am super proud of you!!!

megs said...

I love this post - I think it is so cool to stop and take a look at your life and realize that being the best woman you can be is all you can ask. The detailed goals are so great too though. And raising amazing men is going to be so much fun in the next 30 years...

By 60, (concrete goal) I'd like to have left this country again, on a real trip of some sort with Mike, a real nonMexico trip, and (vague goals) I want to spend my time with my family and be a great mother/wife, and I want to do for others in some amazing way... hopefully I figure that one out in the next 30 years. Hmmm... you've got me thinking.

ps - LAWYERS HAVE TO STUDY?!?! I knew I'd done it wrong.... :-)