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Friday, January 28, 2011

One sick baby boy

I can still call Edward a baby because he is still 1 little year old. I stayed up late last night reading other people's blogs (my secret passion) and foolishly went to bed after 10 pm. At a little before 1 am I heard my precious baby boy crying. I had decided to take away his bottle yesterday for good. No more for nap time, no more for bed time, and no more during the day. So I thought all the crying he was doing was because I took away his bottle.
OK, as a side note, I probably would have never taken his bottle away because it makes MY life easier. I can just fill it with soy milk and he stops crying. Works every time. However; Edward chewed through the nipple of his very last bottle, so it is dead.
Well at 1 am I climbed out of bed and went in to Edward's room. He was pretty upset so I picked him and and took the sippy cup out of his crib. He kept crying and cried long enough that Stephen came in with a sippy cup filled with milk. Stephen then rocked him back to sleep and put him back in his crib.
2 am rolls around and it was time to feed Nolen. Stephen brought Nolen in to me and turned on the bathroom light so I could feel my sweet precious tiny baby. Right as the bathroom light flicked on, Edward started crying. I thought, "is losing your bottle this traumatic?"
After 10 minutes of feeding Nolen, Edward was still crying, but I could tell he was laying down as his cry was muffled in his blankets. I got Nolen to fall asleep and placed him on my bed then trudged in to Edward's room. He hadn't even touched the sippy cup of milk. I didn't want to wake up Nolen so I took Edward in to the living room and asked him what was wrong. I really didn't want to give him a bottle. I held him and rocked him. He sobbed and sobbed. By this time he was really starting to hyperventilate. Again, I thought, "over dramatic". I wonder where he gets that from??
Stephen woke up and came out of his room and asked what was wrong. I had no idea. So we decided to give him a bottle. I got his broken nipple and put it on his bottle then handed it to him. That seemed to work. So Stephen took Nolen to his room and I took Edward to my room and we went to sleep.
OK, I didn't go to sleep and neither did Edward. Edward kept moaning and crying. This went on for about 2 hours. Then I said a little prayer and had the feeling to wake up Stephen. So as Edward is hyperventilating and screaming I went and woke up Stephen. We both asked Edward what was wrong, he didn't answer. I am not sure he really understood the question. After about an hour of hugging, rocking, Tylenol, and singing we decided to give Edward a blessing. I am so grateful to my amazing husband who has been giving the power of the priesthood. He really saved the day.
Stephen took Edward in to his office and rocked him for another 2 hours while I fed Nolen and tried to sleep. At 8 am we called the doctor, took Edward in and found out his ear drum was about to burst. His temp was 100 degrees and climbing. All this time I thought he was crying because I took away his bottle. That will teach me to ever take anything away from him... ha ha ha... he will just get sick and get me back.
I just love my little family and my sweet little boys. They are so precious to me. I should probably be asleep right now as I have no idea what the night will hold, but I do know one thing for sure: I am truly blessed.


Lindsey and Brett said...

Poor little Edward. :( And poor Julie too. I'm glad that you guys got everything figured out.

Kayla said...

I love the tag teaming. Edward cries, then Nolan, then Edward. Oh, poor girl. I swear my girls had it down pat. No sooner would my head hit the pillow after comforting one, when the other would start up. It doesn't last forever:)

Andrea said...

Oh, earaches are so hard to figure out! You poor sleepless family . . . :-)

Heidi said...

Holy cow, Jules!!! How scary!!! I'm so glad you took him in before it was too late! Hope he starts feeling better soon! And, good job mama, on your mother's intuition!!! :)