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Thursday, September 15, 2011

10 Months

It is seriously hard to believe that Nolen is 10 months old today. He has grown so much and the months have flown by with him in our lives.
Nolen is still crawling but has now been standing with out holding anything. He has attempted a few steps; however, he has been unsuccessful. I think it will be another two months before we really see him walking.
Nolen still does not sleep through the night although we have come up with a good routine so that we aren't missing too many hours of sleep.
Nolen has two bottom teeth that just came in and he is getting his top two teeth as well.
Nolen can say "mama" and "dada" but still doesn't reference them to any one in particular. I bet his first word will be Edward. :)
Nolen loves his brother. He follows him everywhere and tries to do everything Edward is doing. He loves to play with the same toys and that sometimes results in a bit of a conflict.
Nolen is 22.4 pounds and almost 29 inches. He is such a big boy. He will soon be out of the 12 month clothes and right in to 18 month clothing.
Nolen will eat anything. He does not like us to put the food in his mouth; however, he wants to touch it first and then he will put it in and eat every last bite. He still does not eat dinner because his stomach can't handle that much food. Hopefully, when he is off formula, he can eat everything we are eating and not have to miss a meal.
Nolen has such a wonderful temperament and is usually calm unless he really needs or wants something. He is kind. He is caring, he is considerate, and he doesn't mind playing all by himself.
I love this little guy so much. I am so grateful he was given to us to care for while he spends his time here on earth. He is perfect for our family.

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Heidi said...

Such a cutie! I want to squeeze his cheeks!!!! :)