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Monday, October 10, 2011

"Can't you just control your kid?"

A long, long, long time ago (2 years and 8 months ago) I used to wonder why people just couldn't control their wild children.  I would see a crying kid in the grocery store or a screaming kid at church and think,

"Can't you just control your kid?  I am going to be a WAY better parent and control my child." 

Wow!  I want to say: I was wrong.  Way wrong.  I mean, WAY wrong.  I was so far backward in my thought process that I actually thought I could control another human being.  What a fool!  What a real fool! 

So, to those parents that I may have judged, THIS is my apology to you.  I am sorry.  I was wrong.  I had no idea that a 2 year old had a real mind of his own.  I had no idea that a 10 month old could have such a strong will.  I didn't know that you couldn't just tell your child to be quiet and then they would just be quiet. 

For the record, they cry harder when you tell them to stop crying.  For the record, they sleep when they want, they eat what they want, and they do what they want.  (All within reason, but you catch my drift).  They are humans.  Tiny humans, but humans none the less. 

If I don't get what I want, I get upset.  If I can't sleep or eat when or what I want, I get mad.  Why do we as adults expect a different behavior from a child when we can't even control ourselves? 

If you are reading this and you have yet to have a child...

I know you think you can do a better job, and if you didn't think that then you would never have kids, right?  It's all about making a better society.  I just want to give you a small heads up, Children have their very own bodies, brains, and with that comes a strong will.  They are people, too.


Andrea said...

That is so true! It took a long time for me to realize that . . . sometimes I still have trouble remembering that. :-)

Jake and Mal said...

You seriously had me laughing the whole time! I did that same thing. I honestly thought I would be "such a better parent than that"....and it's not entirely about the parent because like you said kids are people too! dang it ;)

Paul and Aliisa said...

I pretty much thought the same thing...little did I realize my child would be the one laying on the dirty grocery store floor having a tantrum...so embarrassing.

Heidi said...

Agreed!!!! It's the same way with teenagers...you do your best to raise a good child, but sometimes they do what they want to do, and sometimes it doesn't have anything to do with parenting! (I say 'sometimes' because most of the time, it does have something to do with parenting, or lack thereof!). :)