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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The downs and ups...

Occasionally, I will post about my real life.  The real one I live when no one is looking (or reading for that matter).  Does real have to mean "bad"? Does real have to mean terrible?  Not necessarily, but for most, real means looking at the ugly side of life a little deeper. 
Let me start with some amazing positives:  I have an awesome family.  My husband is sweet.  My boys are wild and funny.  My parents truly love me and do not want to ever see me suffer.  My singing has really taken off in the last year and I have been granted some great opportunities.  I am in good health.

Now to the real reason for this post.  Remember last August when I wrote this? I was so relieved.  I thought we could only go up.  WRONG!  Since the sale of my home we have only gone deeper in to debt and last week I learned that I may be responsible for paying taxes on an income of $108,000!  Yes, as if I walked away with that cash in my hand. HA!  At this point it would have been better to foreclose on my home rather than short sale because the Federal government looks at it like I made money. HA, I say, HA!

Fine.  I will continue to face my trials; however financially devastating they may be.  Are you wondering what the taxes are on an income of $108,000?  $25,000.  Yes Twenty-five Grand! 

Anyhow, it isn't certain that I will have to pay that, as there are some laws in place to protect people like myself; however, I am still nervous to take my year end summary to the tax man.
Last week we also received a notice saying that Stephen's $100,000 helicopter school loan will be due in June.  We knew this day was coming.  It also said we had ONE week to talk to a loan specialist about reducing the amount owed.  Stephen called the next morning and heard that we need to come up with $17,662 by the end of the week and the whole loan will be forgiven and forgotten!  I count that as good news; yet stressful.  Now we just have to convince a bank to loan us a large amount of money for something they can not see or ever take back.  Education.
After all is said and done, trials are still scary not matter what shape or form they may take on.  I can say that I knew a huge trial was coming and I just prayed that it would be something we could handle.  It is.  I believe my Heavenly Father knows me well.  He does know what I can handle and he places it right in my path.


Andrea Landaker said...

I think it's good to post about real life sometimes. Otherwise people will think you're perfect and get insanely jealous. :-D

Heidi said...

Wow, hubby and I were just talking about our money "trials" this morning...we are not getting as much back in taxes this year as we did last year. However, nothing compares to what you are talking about! My goodness, I'm glad we didn't short-sale our old home. The word "foreclosure" sounds terrible, but apparently not as terrible as "short sale". Yuck! :( As for the awesome opportunity to wipe our much of Stephen's loan, I wish you lots of luck. That really is great, but stressful, news!