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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A fall get-away

As a family, we try to take two small vacations a year that include just the four of us.  This last weekend we chose to head up to Keystone, Colorado.  It is about 7 hours north of Albuquerque and 2 hours west of Denver.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  We even experienced and early fall snowstorm. 
We stayed at The Springs which included a pool with slide, baby pool, and two hot tubs.  It was freezing outside but the heated water made swimming fun.  We actually spent most of our time down at the pool.  The boys loved the walk in baby pool and the slide.  Stephen and I enjoyed the hot tub; however, it was hard to convince our boys to stay in the hot tub with us.  After each swim we would run inside and get in the steam room.  AH! 
The resort also featured a kids room.  It had a little castle and a ton of toys including a tea set.  Have you ever played tea party with boys?  It is so fun.  They both loved pretending to pour tea and eat pretend food. 
We tried to take the boys on a bike ride but it was freezing!  We rode about 1/2 a mile before we turned around and went home to have hot chocolate.  Edward ended up crying as we loaded up the car because he was so cold.  I also tried for a family picture but it did not work out. HA!
We also met up with Stephen's cousin, DeAnna in a small town outside Denver.  We haven't seen her in 2 years.  She has a beautiful life including her boyfriend, Dave and son Brody.  We had such a great time until Nolen fell down some stairs at the restaurant. 
Our last day we spent swimming and packing up.  The drive home was pretty uneventful especially because we only stopped once and didn't eat lunch or dinner.  HA!  We had an amazing time and I love spending time with my little family. The boys were so well behaved and loved being with us each moment of the day. 

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Heidi said...

Your attempt at a family picture totally and literally made me crack up!!!!! So funny! That resort looks amazing! Isn't it funny how different the weather is in different parts of the country? We have had highs in the mid-80's this week, and other people have snow....so weird! Can I also say how much your hubby makes me laugh with all of his silly faces?! The guy is hilarious!!! :)