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35 They were desirous to be baptized as a witness and a testimony that they were willing to serve God with all their hearts; Mosiah 21:35

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

A wedding

My older brother, Jared, got married this weekend.  I drove over to Kingman with Edward and Nolen on Wednesday and spent a few days there attending the wedding festivities.  It is NEVER easy driving with two boys that want to be free.  Nolen, in particular, hates his car seat with a passion, these days.  He likes the windows down all the time and wants to stop at ever single town.  I just don't know about all that.  I usually listen to a book while I drive so I can tune out what is happening behind me.  Luckily, both boys were super excited to go to "grandma's house"; however, the return trip was not so lucky.  Nolen cried most of the way saying I needed to turn around.  He kept asking to stop and just wanted to sit on the side of the freeway to watch the cars drive by.  He absolutely loves watching the wheels spin on cars.  If I wasn't so tired and in such a hurry to be done driving, I would have let him sit there for ten minutes watching the wheels spin. 
Edward and his cousin Logan are inseparable.  Edward followed Logan around all day every day.  They are so cute together.  Everyone should have a cousin their age growing up.  It makes for the very best childhood memories.  Nolen is getting big enough to play with them now, but he still prefers to play on his own half the time. 
I spent my time shopping and hanging out with my sisters.  I just love my family.  I have the VERY best in-laws.  They are a real part of the family.  I think, after 8 years, they are really starting to understand how a Skousen works.  The boys swam, rode bikes, fed the fish, and rode the dune buggy.  It was a fast weekend, but a lot of fun.
Jared and Sandy looked happy on their wedding day.  I missed the vows as Nolen chose that moment to need to poop.  I spent the ceremony in the bathroom trying to get him to poop in a pull up.  He didn't.  Then it was picture time.  Nolen then spent that time running around in his pink pull-up and no pants.  Yes, I am that cool of a mom.  Shortly after, he did poop and I got him dressed again.  Then he spilled on his shirt at the reception and wanted it off.  So he then spent half the reception shirtless.  Doesn't get much better than that. 
I am so grateful to have a loving, connected family.  We will do anything for each other.  Being a Skousen means doing things for others and being there for people when we are really needed.  Jared's best man, Steve, gave the best speech.  He talked about how Jared has always been there for him and that when Steve really needed him, Jared was there.  I love that about my family.  We are hard workers.  We will do anything for anyone if they are in need.  I was raised by such loving parents that taught us how to work hard and not expect praise or a reward.  Now, if only I could teach that same principle to my boys. 


Paul and Aliisa said...

You are so BRAVE to drive with just the boys for road trips! I am always afraid there will be a melt down and I won't be able to handle it! I sure do love your cute bangs. They fit your personality. Such a cute family, sisters and all!

Andrea Landaker said...

Cute pics! So glad you were able to go and support your family. :-) Cousins are awesome.

(BTW, anthropologists will totally be confused if they find that black and white pic of you in the sunglasses, because it looks so stylin' 60's... You can pull off any look so well!)

Heidi said...

Kudos to you for driving by yourself with the boys! That is a LOONNGGG drive, mama! Holy cow! You are amazing, my friend!

Kayla said...

You deserve a medal or two for taking your boys to multiple weddings this year by yourself!!