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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The end of Pre-school

Today is Edward's last day of pre-school.  It is so bitter sweet.  I am ready for Edward to grow up and experience all that life has to offer; however, I am so nervous for what the cruel world may have in store for him.  Edward has grown up so much over the last 9 months.  This pre-school has been the absolute best thing for him.  He was a peer model for a pre-school with children that have developmental disabilities.  I had originally planned for Nolen to be a part of the classroom but that did not work out.  Edward NEEDED this time away to be with his peers.  He learned more important things than letters and numbers; he learned to love and accept children no matter what they look like or what their limitations may be.  Edward is such a wonderful boy.  He went in to pre-school knowing all this letters and was able to count to 20 so the school side of it was less important.  He will move forward in his life with love and admiration for all of his peers.  If only I could bottle this year up and save it for him when he is struggling in the future. 
Edward had such a great teacher, Ms. Lisa.  She did everything right.  I know Edward will truly miss her.  She understood him and his love for cars.  Now on to an amazingly busy summer filled with memory making activities!

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Heidi said...

That was a great idea to have Edward and Nolen separated for that time in preschool, and allow him to grow on his own. Your boys are getting so big!