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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Six.  Edward is Six!  He's Six! 
If I start doing the math, my head aches.  Time moves so quickly.
Edward loves Geckos, Lizards, Snakes, and snails.  He loves Dinosours and dogs.  He loves puppies.  He loves anything that is "real", as he calls it.  He does not like cartoons.  A typical day for Edward includes going to school then possibly OT at kidpower, or gymnastics.  If he doesn't have an after school activity, he turns on youtube to watch videos about amphibians. 
He is still just as disagreeable as ever (as proven in the pictures below).  He absolutely hates to have his picture taken.  He loves to stay at home and go no where.  Although, if he HAS to go somewhere, he wants to go to the Natural History Museum or Cool Springs.
This boy is so challenging.  He says every single night, "I love you, Mom!" However, there are many days where he will yell, "I HATE YOU!" Either I am doing something very wrong or very right.
Edward can read!  He can really read!  It took a lot of practice and he still has a lot more to learn, but he can read!  Edward has mixed feelings about school, some days he likes it and some days he doesn't.  Edward has a very best friend at school, Ethan Browning.  These two help each other get through the day.  They play together all day.  I am so happy Edward has found a friend at school.
Edward still loves to eat all types of food.  His favorites include Sushi, seaweed, pizza, yogurt, applesauce and strawberries.  He, by far, is my very best eater.  He loves to eat healthy and will let me know when he has had too much sugar.
To say that Edward has a strong personality is an understatement.  He wears his emotions on his sleeve.  I can't help but see myself in him.  It helps me realize that we are born with our little attitudes. 
Edward is the BEST older brother.  He treats Nolen with true respect.  They sleep in the same bed together.  They play together.  They run together.  They live their lives together.  I am so glad they have each other.  Edward really watches out for Nolen. 
I love this little boy with the big attitude.  He is genuine.  He is sensitive.  He is brilliant.
Edward, I love you.  And as I said today, I want to remember your face as it is at this moment, forever.  So, I wont apologize for taking 100 pictures of you.
I love you!

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Heidi said...

I love how you have all of this written down! Your boys (probably their wives, actually) will appreciate knowing all of those things about them when they were little :)