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6 And I was led by the Spirit, not knowingbeforehand the things which I should do.

7 Nevertheless I went forth...

1st Nephi Chapter 4:6-7

"Make sure they remember joy yesterday, experience joy today, and anticipate joy tomorrow."

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To provide a loving environment that is centered around God and His commandments while effectively teaching my children to love, honor, and respect all Men no matter the race, creed, or background.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Duck Pond

Just down the road from our house is a nice little duck pond.  This morning, I had to wake the boys up a little early to do a quick photo shoot with a friend.  We met at the baseball park and snapped a few quick pictures.  I brought two pieces of bread and let the boys feed the geese and ducks that live at the pond.  Edward was pretty upset that we had to get up on a Saturday morning, but after feeding the ducks he went right back to happy! 



Heidi said...

So jealous that you have something like that so close to your home! :)

Andrea Landaker said...

Duck ponds... so fun!