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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pass me some cheese please!

Remember that one time you felt like a really really bad mom because your 4 year old was acting like a spoiled rotten 2 year old who was never punished a day in his life? And remember when those "other" parents looked at you with complete disgust because you didn't train your 4 year old to act perfect in public? And, remember when another sweet 4 year old girl was around and she was so poised and so perfect it just blew your mind?
Yeah. That happened! To me. I actually believe I am one tough mom. I discipline my children a little on the harsh side. I send my children to time out. I follow through on all threats! (I have threatened to burn their toys. Don't test me. I'll do it!) 
My children might actually say I am a mean mom. 
But none of this matters. At all when my 4 year old is having an autism melt down. "Other" parents don't see the hard work I put in at home. They only see what looks like a spoiled rotten whiney 2 year old rolling on the ground begging for his milk and to go home. 
I try to act gracious and understanding; however, sometimes I can't stand looking like a failure as a mother. You may not understand. I get that. But it hurts. Bad. I don't want to be a perfect mother or a perfect person. I want to be the right mother for my boys. 
I apologize if my son offended you while he screamed about his problems. We may never understand what he is going through. You see, WE ARE NORMAL! 
Cut the kid some slack. He's gone through more in one day than we may ever experience in a life time. It's called autism. There is no magic cure all for his condition. There are no outward signs. I'd look rediculous if I carried a sign that said, "caution, autism melt down in progress.  Please casually step away"

But believe me. I want to. I want to scream at people just to get them to stop staring and judging my lack of parenting skills. 

There is nothing more I can do. I just smile and pretend my mother ego isn't taking a big hit. 

To my friends who are fighting the good fight every single day, my heart is with you. I know your pain. Let's smile more and judge less. No one is perfect. 

Give the boy a break. 

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Micah and Melinda said...

been there mama... deep breath!