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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Six point five

 Edward is 6 and a half today.  You can tell by the pictures he really did not want to have his picture taken.  At all.  I tried a few different things to get him to smile but he just didn't want to cooperate.  Turns out, he wasn't feeling good.  

Edward loves Minecraft now.  He loves watching "The Diamond MineCart" on youtube.  
He still does not like school.
Edward is very intelligent and knows so much more than I give him credit.  We are still working on improving his reading skills and he doesn't like reading.  
If Edward could pick, I am sure he would watch Youtube and play minecraft all day.  HA!
Edward has been in to riding dirt bikes with Stephen on Mondays.  He really seems to enjoy it.  It is helping is confidence and his balance.
Edward moved up in gymnastics and likes being in the older boy class.  
He starts piano this Saturday!  I am excited.  He isn't!
We went to Cool Springz to celebrate then on to Dairy Queen for a quick dessert.  
Once we got home, Edward told me his ear hurt.  Sure enough, he's sick.
I love this sweet little guy.  He is cantankerous but that's what I love.  He is strong willed and knows what he wants.  He is very intelligent and kind.  I can not believe he will be 7 in 6 months!!!

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