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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's the price of a photograph?

Let me take you back to one of my very first memories. I was two or three. I lived on a farm in Maricopa, Arizona. We had a huge house out in the middle of no where. Behind our house was an all grass back yard lined with fruit trees.  On the left hand side of our property, just outside the fence was our family garden. I recall walking through the gate to help my dad in the garden. He was tall then. He was thin and had a lot more jet black hair on his head. He was young but I didn't know that back then. Nothing specifically happened that day of note. But I remember the gate, my dad, and the garden. As I age, (I'm currently older now than my dad was in my memory) that memory is going fuzzy. It's pixilated and not crisp. It has blank spots then ends abruptly.
This is precisely why I take a million pictures. (That's an over exaggeration.) I want to always remember things as they are in this particular moment because it will never happen again and my memory will fade. 
I know a photograph won't last forever; however, it will last a long time. Especially digital photography. 
So, for me, the value of a photograph is priceless. I love to remember. Pictures take me back to those moments. I can almost taste the dust in the air that day I walked out to the garden with my dad. I never want to forget. 
This is all the more reason why I bought a camera and started capturing my boys in moments they may not recall. I value the photograph almost as high as I value my memory. 
It's priceless. 

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Paul and Aliisa said...

Agree completely! Great way of writing out your memory!