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Friday, February 19, 2016

Seven! He's Seven!

This sweet little boy is 7! He is amazing! He loves so deeply.
Edward loves minecraft.  He plays it on the computer, the iPad, and the Playstation. 
He watches youtube daily to learn how to make mods (modifications) for the game. 
If you talk to Edward, he will tell you all about his minecraft obsession. 
This year, Edward has really started liking school.  He has grown so much at school. 
He loves his teacher, Ms. Tricia.  She has been so patient and kind with Edward.  Edward has been reading more, writing more, and loves math.  His favorite subjects at school are Math and Art.
Edward is still doing gymnastics and piano.  He hates both.  I do think he would like piano if it didn't interfere with his minecraft time.  HA!  Gymnastics is not very fun for him any more so we are currently looking for another sport.  He is finishing out this season and maybe start Karate. 
Edward loves his brother.  When he plays with a group of friends and Nolen is left out, he always runs back to check on him and help him.  It is so sweet.  Edward plays with Nolen every single day and they have become so close over the last year.  These two boys are inseparable. 
Edward will eat any and all food.  He has never been picky and continues to amaze me with his ever growing palate.  His favorite food is stake.  He asked for stake for his birthday.  I love him!
Edward still has a hard time falling asleep.  He takes a melatonin nearly every night to fall asleep.  He wants to change his bedtime to 8:30.  I say no way!  He needs all the sleep he can get.  12 hours is just enough.  Maybe when he turns 10 I will let him stay up until 8:30.
For Edward's birthday, he wanted a minecraft theme.  No surprise.  I stopped by Edward's school to give up a treat and the class went around and complimented Edward.  They said he was funny and friends with everyone.  We handed out Walker's Popcorn and the kids loved it.  He still loves amphibians and reptiles of all kinds, so he asked to go to Petland for his activity.  He invited his three closest friends and pet almost every animal they had at petland.  After petland, we went to Dairy Queen to eat ice cream cake and open presents. 
I love the simplicity of my boys birthday parties.  They are so easy to please.  Edward only wanted a stuffed Ender Dragon for his birthday, so that is pretty much all he got.  At this point, they would rather have us spend time with them than receive gifts.  Phew!  That is so much easier for me.  I am a terrible gift giver.  I love quality time over material things. 
Edward continues to amaze me with his intelligence.  He is kind, loving, smart, and innovative.  He is the little boy that made me a mom.  He has helped me grow so much as a person.  I love him to the moon and back!
Happy Birthday, Edward!

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