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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


My sweet and precious baby is six!  I am in utter awe at how he has grown in the last six years.  He is simply amazing.  
He smiles.
He loves. 
He laughs.
He has a routine that he hardly changes.
He plays well with his brother.
He is inquisitive.
He is smart.
He is everything.

There are so many people who prayed and fasted for his recovery.  There are so many people that prayed and fasted on my behalf.  I am forever grateful to those who have helped Nolen become the boy he is today.  I am so blessed.

Nolen is still a vegetarian.  He has thought more about eating meat, but I do not think it will happen any time soon.  He eats yogurt and granola or protein waffles for breakfast.  He will eat the whites of a hard boiled egg sometimes.  
For lunch he still has an almond butter sandwich with carrots and a piece of fruit.  Dinner he mostly eats quinoa and quinoa pasta.  

Nolen is completely fascinated with space.   He knows everything there is to know about the planets, their moons, and dwarf planets.  He wants to be the first person to go to Mars.  He actually wants to live on Mars.  I do think this might be an option in his lifetime and that is an incredible thought.  

Nolen has been asking me a lot about human anatomy.  He wants to know EXACTLY how babies are made.  So I told him.  

Nolen also loves everything that Edward loves.  Edward is currently in to Plants vs. Zombies.  So for his birthday, I got him a stuffed Pea Shooter and a Zombie.  He was so happy.  He also loves Pokemon.

Nolen choked on a marble about a month ago, so when he asked for another marble tower, I almost said, "NO!"  However, after going over and over and over about not putting marbles in our mouths, I bought him another marble tower.  This is what he wanted the most.  He couldn't wait to open it this afternoon.  

Nolen LOVES his kindergarten class.  He had THE BEST teacher.  Then she quit.  She threw away all the classroom materials including the kids work.  I am so torn up about it.  This messes up everything.  He trusted her.  He loved her.  I loved her.  Despite this stressful set back, Nolen is adjusting very well.  There is still not a permanent teacher in the classroom and that scares me, but Nolen is a trooper.  I guess all those years of ABA therapy worked!  He can deal with change better than most of the kids in the class.  I really hope he has a new teacher after Thanksgiving, but I just don't know what to expect.  My heart was broken when Ms. Cynthia left The Montessori Elementary School.

Nolen is still on the swim team and he doing great.  He asked to take private lessons so he could get better.  He tries so hard.  I love to watch his determination.  He quit gymnastics right after school started because he was exhausted when he came home from school.  

I love this little boy.
He has more determination than any person I have ever met. He wants to do everything himself.  He has taught me patience, confidence, and trust.  I love to watch him learn and grow with confidence.  He is the best little brother to Edward.  He will do anything Edward asks.  I have just loved watching their relationship grow over the years.

Autism may be Nolen's diagnosis, but it doesn't not define him.  Nolen has proven that he can meet any challenge and over come it.  
He is strong.  
He is wise.  
He is mine.  Forever. 

I love you, Nolen Barnes.

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Andrea Landaker said...

What a fabulous kid! He sure does love a good marble tower. :-D