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Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Stitch Fix

There are many new companies popping up that offer personal styling sent right to your doorstep.  I have had a few friends try it out and they loved it.  I decided to give it a try.  I read a bunch of reviews about the pros and cons of each company.  I ended up liking stitchfix the best.  

My first stitchfix came in the mail today.  I was SO excited to get the box and open it up.  I had left detailed instructions on the specific items I am looking to purchase.  I have wanted a really nice black pencil skirt for a long time.  I haven't found one that I liked enough to buy.  I also gave them a link to my pinterest style board so that they would know my taste.  I even told them that I choose to dress modestly and I need my shoulders, stomach, and knees covered.  

For the most part, they got a lot of things very right.  However; there were just a few details that they missed.  

I first tried on the pencil skirt.  It was what I wanted to love the most.  It fit perfectly.  I wanted a plain black pencil skirt to wear with a variety of different shirts I own.  This skirt had a nice pattern, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted.  It cost $88 dollars so I can't justify buying it when it isn't exactly what I wanted.  

I then tried on the dark blue jeans with the grey turtle neck sweater.  The pencil jeans were SO cute!  They fit amazing.  They did bulge out a bit at the bottom but I could have looked past that if they cost less.  I already have a really great pair of black pencil jeans that I LOVE, so paying $98 for jeans I already own was out of the question.

The grey turtle neck sweater was the best!  I loved it.  I love the length.  I love the color.  I love the fit.  What I didn't love? The turtle neck part of the sweater.  I used to think I looked so great in a turtle neck.  WRONG! It is just too bulky for my body.  If it was a size smaller and not a turtle neck, I would have kept it.  It was $88 dollars.

I tried on the dark purple dress next.  The dress was the right length and it had a tiny bit of a sleeve; however, the ruffles on the front were not flattering.  I felt huge.  So I didn't keep it. It was $98, as well.  So not worth the large price tag.

The last thing in the box was some cute earrings.  I don't wear a lot of different types of earrings.  I usually just wear pearl earrings.  These are every cute and only $28.  I spent $20 already, so spending another $8 was the best option.

I think I would try stitchfix again, but I am very skeptical.  It was so exciting to get a box of clothes picked out just for me in the mail. 

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