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Monday, March 13, 2017

Stitch fix Take TWO

I decided to give stitch fix another try. This time, the box was dead on.  Except for one small problem, I already owned EVERY single piece of clothing they sent!  HA!  There were some really great pieces, but some not so great prices.  The prices are WAY TOO HIGH for the flimsy product. 
The left is the stitch fix box clothing (you can tell by the tag) and the right are the clothes I already owned.
This was a really cute feather necklace.  It costs $28!!  That was just too much for a necklace.
These jeans were just like the last jeans I received from Stitch Fix.  Except they were a little smaller around the ankle, which I appreciated.  However; they were $88 bucks!  I buy some great quality jeans from Kohls that I adore for $69 with a 30% discount. 
Ok, I do not own a lace black pencil skirt; however, when I sat down, this skirt when up past my mid thighs.  That just won't work.  Plus, this little skirt was $78!  I would have kept it if it had been below $50. 
This jean jacket was really cute.  Like really cute.  It was $100.  I have a jean jacket.  I never wear it.  So how can I spend $100 on a jean jacket that I will probably not wear.  I can't.  I won't. 
I really liked this shirt.  It was $58.  The price just killed the deal.  Also, the material was SUPER thin!  I could see myself ripping the armpits accidentally and being super upset because I spent WAY too much on the shirt.
The outfit was really cute.  But just too much money.  The entire outfit was $274 dollars!  
The clothes I already own were $138 dollars.  I really try to shop for deals.  Stitch Fix is just not for me.  I don't feel like I am getting a "deal".  Plus, the clothes are way over priced.  I recently bought nearly the exact same half button plaid shirt for $20 at The Limited.  
My jean jacket, I purchased from Abercrombie and Fitch years ago for less than $50.  My leaf necklace I found online at a friends boutique for less than $20.  
I sent everything back.  I lost my $20 styling fee.  Oh well.  I learned that I really like to shop for myself.  
Oh, and the worst part, I couldn't figure out how to deactivate my account or at the very least delete my credit card information.  After searching online, I found that you have to contact customer service via EMAIL and wait for them to contact you back in order to deactivate your account.  That is a huge hassle.  I also found, after searching, that MANY Stitch Fix customers where upset about not being able to delete their credit card information.  Maybe they should fix that issue.  AND CHARGE LESS for their not so top quality clothing.  

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