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35 They were desirous to be baptized as a witness and a testimony that they were willing to serve God with all their hearts; Mosiah 21:35

"Make sure they remember joy yesterday, experience joy today, and anticipate joy tomorrow."

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To provide a loving environment that is centered around God and His commandments while effectively teaching my children to love, honor, and respect all Men no matter the race, creed, or background.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The most peculiar day

When the time changes, my life gets a little messy.  I dislike the time change.  I can't sleep.  I should be exhausted right now, but my body clock thinks it is only 8:20 PM when, in fact it is 9:20.  I feel as if Day light savings is a barbaric practice.  We no longer need the extra day light hours.  
Well, anyhow, it really messes with my life.  I don't like it.  Not one bit.
Today, was an interesting day.  My day began at 7:40.  I usually wake up at 7; however, my body clock is all off.  I rushed to get ready, then I literally had to DRAG my boys out of bed.  We ran out the door with our breakfast in hand.
My cousin died last week.  It was extremely unexpected.  He had been sick with a rare infection that went to his heart. He had gone up and down, but really seemed to be doing better.  He died last Sunday.  I guess this really changed my perspective on life.  He was just a year younger than me.  He was full of life.  He did some of the most dangerous things.  He took chances.  He was a great surfer and did many other extreme things in his short life.  His death made me think about my own life.  I have always said that I really feel like I have have lead a very full life.  I, usually, will do any sort of activity with out hesitation.  Children sort of change that attitude.
Lately, I have been just coasting by in my life.  I have goals.  I have dreams, but for the most part I am satisfied.  I decided now is the time to push myself to do the things that I have been putting off for a while.  I have so many little projects that I don't make time to accomplish.  This drives me bonkers!  I quit looking at facebook during the week, and this helped open up more time.  I, also, decided to stop looking at my iPad or computer when my kids are home. 
Last year, I started my "No more stupid stuff" crusade.  This helped a lot; however, I still find myself filling my time with things that are not essential.  That MUST CHANGE!  I want to do the things that are most important to me.  That might even mean waking up early!  Yikes!
Well, I have been running around trying to get my little errands done.  Today, that included getting a helmet for my road bike and fixing my cycling shoes.  I have been waiting for the weather to get better so I could go for a ride, but my bike wasn't ready and the weather was gorgeous today.  FAIL!  So I took my bike to the shop, fixed my shoes, and bought a helmet.  I feel so much more accomplished.  I would love to do a triathlon someday, but I am not proficient enough with my bike.  If I really want to accomplish this goal, I must get to work! If I have learned anything in this life it is that time goes to fast and life is too short. 
I picked my boys up from school today.  They were especially wild.  We came home from school and they were bouncing off the walls.  I taught a piano lesson, then sat my boys down to teach them their piano lesson.  They, OUT OF NO WHERE, became interested in learning the piano! WHAT?! They wanted to look at all the songs they have learned to play in the last year and a half.  They wanted to play more than just one song a day.  They wanted to do their theory books! We sat playing the piano for over an hour!  That has never happened.  Never!  
I looked at my watch and we had to dart off to cub scouts.  As we were driving over, I asked Edward about his assignment.  He had to name how someone with a disability might be able to swim.  We talked about people who have disabilities that we can see and disabilities that we can't see.  I told him that most pools have a wheel chair lift to help people get in and out of the pool who can not walk.  

Then I said, "How does swimming help people with disabilities that you can't see?" 
He said, "Like autism?"  
I said, "Yes"
Then he said, "It helps Nolen move his body.  That's important for kids with autism."  
I answered, "Yes."
Then Nolen chimed in, "Does Edward have autism?"
My heart stopped.  "No, he doesn't."  
Then he said, "Why do I have autism and Edward doesn't?"
I did not know what to say.  I nearly started to cry.  I told him, "I have asked God that question many times. You are very special.  I do not know why some people have autism and some people don't."

I really felt stumped.  He was very upset.  I have told him before that he has autism, but I have never put "disability" and "autism" in the same sentence.  I didn't like it. Not one bit.  No one likes to be singled out, especially when the difference could be seen as a disability.  My heart broke a little.  We talked a little bit more then he dropped the subject as soon as we got to the church.  

Nolen and I drove home and he reminded me about this story I was telling him at soccer practice.  He had to use the port-a-potty to poop at the park and he was scared.  So I tried to take his mind off what he needed to do by telling him a story about a boy who climbed Mt. Everest.  I talked about what the boy had to do to prepare for the hike, including climbing several different mountains.  Nolen is fascinated with the height of mountains.  He knows the exact height of several different mountains on earth and of the highest mountain in our solar system, Olympus Mons on Mars.  
When we arrived home, he was supposed to pick up toys in the play room.  He didn't.  He got distracted and built three Mt. Everest's and put them together to make one Olympus Mons.  Olympus Mons, as you may have guessed, is three times the size of Mt. Everest.  It was so cute.  Then he asked me, "What is 29,029 plus 29,029?"  I had no idea where he was going with this but I answered.  "58,058"  Then he asked, "What is 58,058 plus 29,029"  I said, "87,087"  He said, "That's how tall Olympus Mons is!" (It is actually 82,021 feet)

I just thought, "Wow, you're smart!"  How did he figure that out?  At 6, I was only thinking about my pony, Spirit, my barbies, and my sister.  That's it.  I was not thinking about anything that had to do with science, planets, math, or mountains.  

How did I get this kid in my life?  I feel so lucky!  He challenges me every day.  I do not have to use math in my normal life, but in my mom life, my kids are constantly asking me math questions.  When I don't know the answer to a question they say, "Just ask siri!"  Ha!  

We drove back to the church to pick up Edward.  I was thinking of all the things we didn't get done today.  Edward has a huge concert coming up on Friday, so we have been practicing extra hard to ensure he has all of the songs memorized.  I pulled out both cellos and we started to play.  I admit, I'm awful.  I don't know anything about technique, but I can read notes and I can play the right pitch on the cello.  Edward's music interest must have just burst because he started asking me how to play all the songs in his Suzuki book.  I really have no idea, but I do know how to read music.  He didn't want to go to bed!  I told him I played a lot of the Suzuki songs when I was 5.  I showed him my 30 year old Suzuki piano book.  He was enraptured! I played a few songs for him.  He asked me to play the hardest song in the book.  It was a real miracle.  Then he wanted me to show him my broken violin, my guitar, and the Lute.  I told him that I just loved music.  It really makes my heart feel good.  He said, "My favorite instrument is the cello.  I want to make it all the way to book 6!  Then I will be a professional like you, mom!"  
Seriously, this kid spoke right to my heart.  Up to this point, my children have shown zero interest in music.  They play because I told them they had to do a sport and play an instrument.  Plus, I said that every single person on this planet should know how to play the piano, because, well, it's the piano! 

I am so thankful for day's like today.  It reminds me why I chose to be a mother.  I would love to avoid all the hard days. HA! I know that isn't possible; however, I need the hard days to remind me to appreciate the good days.  Today, was a good day. 

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