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35 They were desirous to be baptized as a witness and a testimony that they were willing to serve God with all their hearts; Mosiah 21:35

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Thursday, April 29, 2010


While visiting my parents in Kingman I decided to work on a project that I had wanted to work on for many, many, many years. The Guest Bathroom. I didn't take a before picture, so I will describe what the bathroom used to look like.
The bathroom was once decorated with a cute rubber ducky theme that ranged from a ducky shower head cover to a duck hanging from the ceiling. This also meant the shower curtain had cute detachable blow up ducky's. In 2002, when the bathroom was decorated, it was CUTE!

After about 8 years of use, I decided it was time for a change. The bathroom had also acquired another shower curtain, yes, that means there were three hanging together. This shower curtain was given to my Mom after a lady she knew died.

To say the least, the bathroom was in desperate need of an update. After about two hours of intense deep cleaning (the kind of cleaning you do about once every eight years) and a generous $80 donation from my Dad, the bathroom was updated!!


Craig, Blair and Turbo Skousen said...

CUTE!!! It looks like a different bathroom! You did such an awesome job :)

Kayla said...

Now that is cute, and not in the yellow ducky kinda way. I'm sure your mom and dad appreciated all your hard work.

Heidi said...

Beautiful!!! It looks very peaceful and serene!

Kristen H said...

Love it! I've been thinking its about time that our guest bathroom needs a little umph to it too!

Hayley Hatch said...

This bathroom looks awesome! I love that shower curtain.
So - you should try the "wrap" thing for Edward's eczema. It has really helped Gabe. You just get him in the bath, then lather him up with lots of lotion (we use Vanicream and the Aquafor) and then put on a little cotton outfit that has been drenched in warm water. Good luck! Let me know if you discover any secrets!

☂niki said...

looks great. i bet it felt even greater to get it done.