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35 They were desirous to be baptized as a witness and a testimony that they were willing to serve God with all their hearts; Mosiah 21:35

"Make sure they remember joy yesterday, experience joy today, and anticipate joy tomorrow."

Motherhood Mission Statement

To provide a loving environment that is centered around God and His commandments while effectively teaching my children to love, honor, and respect all Men no matter the race, creed, or background.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Videos and a few laughs

Stephen Reading to Edward
Julie Reading to Nolen
Trying to get Nolen to say "Truck".  I think he says it at the end...
Boys being boys

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I was blessed to grow up with wonderful women in my life.  My Mother's Mom, Erna, was a strong woman.  I remember how tall was and how she used to have to stick herself with a needle daily for her diabetes shot.  She was always busy with a caring heart.  She had short white straight hair and she was quick to discipline me when I was sassy.  I was sassy a lot.  She lived in the same town that I grew up in, Maricopa, so I saw her often.  She lived right across the street from the school and I would sometimes try to walk home, only to make it to her house.  She would call my Mom and then scold me about not riding the bus.  She died at a young age, in her early 70's, of breast cancer.  I was still young when she passed but I remember the feeling of walking in to her home as she laid on the borrowed hospital bed dying.  I remember saying good-bye. 
My Father's Mom, Elizabeth, was another hard, strong woman.  She bore 11 children and if you saw her you would never guess.  She was tiny.  She was always in the kitchen cooking.  She would sit with us at breakfast to talk and ask us tons of questions about our lives and our horses.  She was genuinely interested in what we had to say.  She would even play games with us.  She had a big heart and loved each and every one of her children and grandchildren.  She lived on a farm that now seems like it is in the middle of Chandler, but back then it was WAY out of town.  Her house was always clean and there seemed to be a never ending amount of toys available for us grandchildren to play with.  She loved to get together with family.  We always had family get together's and she would be right in the center of all the chaos.  She passed in her 80's from pancreatic cancer.  I spent a weekend with her before she died.  She spent her last few weeks listening to old general conference talks with her husband.  They were truly in love as he said he would only live 6 months so that he could join her in the hereafter.  He died 6 months later, some say of a broken heart. 
True love is something that seems to be disappearing.  We grow more selfish.  We think, me, me, me instead of "how can I help better the world?"  It is interesting to see the difference in generations now.  It is so easy to get a divorce and find someone else who fits our needs for the moment.  A true love story that I carry with me through my trials comes from my Grandmother.
She was my Great Grandma, mother to my Mom's Mom.  We called her Grandmother.  She was inspirational.  She lived to be 100.  She married young and had three beautiful daughters.  At the age of 29, her husband, Ben, was taken from her in a mining accident in southern Arizona.  I used to ask her how old she was and she would reply, "29".  I just thought she was being funny but I realize now, she wasn't embarrassed of her age, she simply wanted to be 29 forever because that is how old she was when the love of her life died.  She never remarried.  She had many men who wanted to marry her.  One man even bought her a plot next to his with her last name as his so he could spend his days in the dirt with her.  She raised her three daughters on her own working any odd job she could find.  I knew her when she was a very old woman.  She was petite and still strong willed with a true fire for life.  She lived alone, across the yard from my grandparents.  She called the couch a "sit-t" and used funny words for breakfast, lunch, and "supper".  She lived in the room next to mine after she had fallen when she was in her late 90's.  I remember thinking she would die any time.  She didn't.  She lived with us for years.  She had the greatest stories.  Her hands would shake as she worked on her genealogy, but she could still walk, talk, and yell if we were being too loud. 
I will always remember her smile.  She loved.  She had an enormous heart.  She cared so much for me.  I remember her giving me things before she passed.  Words of wisdom.  She was someone to truly emulate.  I never heard her complain or talk ill of other people.  She is a true inspiration for me.  In times of trials or sadness I think of her example for me.  She was so strong in the church.  She was a blessing in my life.  She died when I was a sophomore in high school.  She was 100.  I remember looking at her when her spirit had left and she looked completely different.  It was just a body left behind.  Her spirit was her.  Her spirit just used her body to live in this world and it left behind a wonderful body that did not fail her in her times of need.  She died with all of her teeth, I just think that is amazing.  She is a true example of selflessness, to me.  She was meant to live long enough to teach me to be a woman with grace, poise, and laughter.
I would, someday, like to live as the women have lived.  They may not go down in the history books and women who did miraculous things for the world, but they did miraculous things for me.  They were real women who didn't care what the world thought of them.  They lived and died as examples of Christ.  I hope to do the same.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The downs and ups...

Occasionally, I will post about my real life.  The real one I live when no one is looking (or reading for that matter).  Does real have to mean "bad"? Does real have to mean terrible?  Not necessarily, but for most, real means looking at the ugly side of life a little deeper. 
Let me start with some amazing positives:  I have an awesome family.  My husband is sweet.  My boys are wild and funny.  My parents truly love me and do not want to ever see me suffer.  My singing has really taken off in the last year and I have been granted some great opportunities.  I am in good health.

Now to the real reason for this post.  Remember last August when I wrote this? I was so relieved.  I thought we could only go up.  WRONG!  Since the sale of my home we have only gone deeper in to debt and last week I learned that I may be responsible for paying taxes on an income of $108,000!  Yes, as if I walked away with that cash in my hand. HA!  At this point it would have been better to foreclose on my home rather than short sale because the Federal government looks at it like I made money. HA, I say, HA!

Fine.  I will continue to face my trials; however financially devastating they may be.  Are you wondering what the taxes are on an income of $108,000?  $25,000.  Yes Twenty-five Grand! 

Anyhow, it isn't certain that I will have to pay that, as there are some laws in place to protect people like myself; however, I am still nervous to take my year end summary to the tax man.
Last week we also received a notice saying that Stephen's $100,000 helicopter school loan will be due in June.  We knew this day was coming.  It also said we had ONE week to talk to a loan specialist about reducing the amount owed.  Stephen called the next morning and heard that we need to come up with $17,662 by the end of the week and the whole loan will be forgiven and forgotten!  I count that as good news; yet stressful.  Now we just have to convince a bank to loan us a large amount of money for something they can not see or ever take back.  Education.
After all is said and done, trials are still scary not matter what shape or form they may take on.  I can say that I knew a huge trial was coming and I just prayed that it would be something we could handle.  It is.  I believe my Heavenly Father knows me well.  He does know what I can handle and he places it right in my path.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

Have you found amazing products or services that have changed your life?  Once you found these amazing things, did you want to scream it from every roof top? 

I totally understand why Oprah does her "favorite" things show (or did, I realize her show is off the air).  There are so many products out there, how do you weed through the good and bad to find the best?  I have found a few things that I can not live with out.  The products have changed my life.

1) The Book of Mormon
Read it.  It will change your life.  You will feel something powerful, something real, something that will change your perspective.  It will move you.  It will change you.

2) DoTerra Essential Oils
I know this sounds random after reading my number one, but really, these oils have changed my life.  I now have clear skin.  More than one person has told me, "Your skin is amazing!  You have great genes."  I almost nearly died from shock and laughter.  I have TERRIBLE skin.  Frankincense has changed that for me.  People ask me my secret.  THERE IS NO SECRET, everyone can have amazing skin.  Use the oil!
I am smaller than I was 12 years ago.  TWELVE years ago, (I was 18 for those of you who didn't do the math) I wasn't even this small!  What is my secret?  The oil!!  Can I yell this loud enough so that you will try it?  Yes, I work hard at the gym; however, I have worked really hard for the past 8 years to lose weight and it is finally coming off when I am 30!?  I thought I was supposed to gain 5 extra pounds when I turned 30 because my metabolism slowed down.  Not true, by the way, just try the oil.

3) Bra's
Weird, I know.  I used to only buy Victoria Secret bra's because they were supposedly the best.  Guess what?  Their not.  There the worst.  They are expensive and they don't actually do their job.  They don't flatter a woman unless that woman is 100 pounds with fake boobs.  Stop buying their bra's just because of the name.  They look terrible.  I found a new boutique that actually really cares about what you look like with your clothes ON!  Isn't that the point of a bra?  To help you look better and maximize your natural assets?  SOMA!  There aren not 20 somethings walking around weighing 110 pounds telling you to purchase this bra or that bra because they are the new "it" thing.  There ARE; however, women (real women) who understand a woman's body at Soma who want to help you find the best bra for your body type.  I tried on about 20 bra's before finding the right one that actually flatters my body.  Strangers have asked me what my secret is for not having any back lines because of my bra... ugh, it's call the "Vanishing Back" bra by Soma.  It is supportive, it will make you look good, and it looks good while doing it. 
ENELL sports bra's.  Stop buying cheap sports bra's from k-mart just because you think they are all the same.  They are not.  ENELL is the BEST!  No bounce and no funny business.  It does it's job, period.  No, it is not meant to make you look sexy while you are at the gym trying to work out, if you go to the gym to pick up a man, sorry, this bra is not for you.  This sports bra is for the serious person who really wants to loose weight and not worry about any extra bouncing. 

These are three of my favorite things.  Try them and find out for yourself.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Nolen rarely laughs.  He loves to smile; however, it is tough to get a big laugh out of him.  I was surprised to hear a huge belly laugh when I was playing with him the other day, I had to capture it on camera.  I can't believe he is One!  We just love him so much!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Morning Devotional

The past few years I have done morning devotional; however, I haven't been consistent. This year I plan to have morning devotional with the boys everyday at breakfast. This morning, I asked Edward where our Heavenly Father lives. He replied without hesitation, "the moon!"

Monday, January 2, 2012

Want $10 Dollars?

I have 13 $10 dollar shopping cards to plumdistrict.com  If you are interested write a comment with your email address and I will send you the offer code.  I only have 13, so the first to respond will get them. 


What an amazing experience!  I loved playing Nimue in Camelot and will truly miss the cast and crew.  This was a magical show that helped me learn so much more about acting while singing.  Mostly, moving while singing. I am looking forward to doing another show with the talented actors from Albuquerque.