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35 They were desirous to be baptized as a witness and a testimony that they were willing to serve God with all their hearts; Mosiah 21:35

"Make sure they remember joy yesterday, experience joy today, and anticipate joy tomorrow."

Motherhood Mission Statement

To provide a loving environment that is centered around God and His commandments while effectively teaching my children to love, honor, and respect all Men no matter the race, creed, or background.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Turning 8

One of my very best friends son turned 8 a few weeks back.  He is being baptized this Friday at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I asked her if I could take a few pictures of her son so they could remember this momentous occasion.  It was absolutely the coldest day we have had so far here in Albuquerque.  He was a real trouper and smiled through the freezing windy weather. Here are a few of my favorites from the photo shoot. 

*It was so cold that Nolen waited in the car. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Sunday fun day dress

Today's Sunday dress is brought to you by H&M, old navy tights, and a forever 21 cardigan. Shoes by ugg. My pinsperation below. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My quote to Stephen today:

"I chose you, you chose me so we are stuck together for Eternity!" 
Seriously, deal with it! HA!  I love that guy.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Happy Birthday, Nolen! 
Nolen loves Thomas the Train, geckos, snakes, and marshmallows.  He loves his brother Edward and begs to pick him up from school every single day after his therapy is finished.  Nolen loves to play outside with Oliver and he loves to be loved. 
Nolen has changed dramatically in this last year.  He now has better coping skills, although still not coping at his age level.  He communicates better than I could have ever hoped for.  This little guy has surpassed all of my shattered expectations.  He has grown tremendously.  He works hard to meet demands placed on him daily. 
Nolen loves his pre-school class and can name almost all the students in his class.  He talks about them like friends.  Nolen still loves his tutors, especially Whitney.  They formed a bond a year and a half ago, that can not be broken.  Nolen loves going to Kid Power twice a week to "play" as he calls it.  He is usually an enjoyable kid with few tantrums.  (I use this term lightly as tantrums still happen more frequently than typical developing children.)
Nolen still loves to eat the same old stuff, although, he did put a piece of egg in his mouth the other day.  Then he promptly said, "Eggs are for Edward.  I don't like Eggs."  He eats applesauce, fresh popped popcorn, yogurt, smoothies, and some gluten free cereals.  His favorite food is cinnamon Chex.  Who could blame him, really?  I love sugary food, too!
Nolen is still my sweet little baby.  It's hard for me to admit he is officially out of the toddler stage and in to the pre-school stage.  I am so glad I get to keep him home another year from school.  I am not ready to let him go, just yet.
Nolen is sleeping in his "Big boy bed" and not the car bed anymore.  He no longer needs goats milk at night to help him sleep.  This also helps with the bed wetting.  He has stayed dry for the last week at night.  Phew!  Is it safe to say he is potty trained?  I was able to potty train him WAY faster than I was with Edward.  I didn't even start getting Edward to poop on the potty until he was 4!  Wow, I must have learned a few tricks!
Nolen is so sweet.  All who meet him love his personality.  He loves to tell jokes and laugh.  He is kind to all, unless you take away his toy, then he is awful.  So watch out.  Nolen is truly growing in to a wonderful little man.  I love him more than I can express in words.  I used to wonder why in the Bible and Book of Mormon the prophets would write that they could not express themselves with words, now, as a parent, I get it.  My heart is filled with expounding love for this little man.  He is my joy.  He was truly meant to be in my family.  He brings a smile to my face every time I see him. 
Nolen is courageous.  He has fought an amazing battle to begin to overcome a major trial in his young life.  I know his life will be filled with many more trials; however, I now believe he will be able to over come them all. 
Our family has been blessed immensely by our Heavenly Father.  I am forever grateful to my little man for stepping up to the challenge of autism and showing me that it doesn't matter what trials we are given in our lives, through God, all things are possible.
I love you, Nolen.
We started the day with opening presents and eating cupcakes.

Nolen received a giant wooden Thomas the Train set.

I tried out a new location for pictures this year.  All the fall colors fell off the trees the day before.

This is my favorite shot of the day.  He looks like a zombie!

We then headed over to Cool Springs to jump for an hour.

After jumping we went to Chick-fil-a to eat at Nolen's favorite restaurant.

Happy Birthday!