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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I forgot a name...

Do you ever just have one of those days where you want everything to happen perfectly, even though you know it is impossible?
Let me take you back to 2 pm yesterday... Edward awoke from his nap and started crying... a lot. I gave him a bottle and was just going to rock him for a while. He fell asleep and so did I. We woke up at 4 something. This is completely out of the ordinary for us. Edward NEVER cuddles. NEVER! I should have known something was up then, but I thought he was overly tired because he had skipped his nap two days in a row (not by my choice).

Anyhow, I finally got both kids to bed around 9 last night. Nolen is getting sick, or should I say, IS sick so he had a harder time falling asleep at 8 than usual. Stephen came home from work around 10 and I drifted off to sleep only to be woken up by a screaming soon to be 2 year old. UGH!

I had a whole day planned today filled with fun activities for Edward. I had arranged for his cake to be ready at 8 AM this morning (it wasn't ready) and then a big birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses at 11. In between that time I had rehearsal for "La Traviata". It was going to be tight, to say the least.

Edward was up all night with, yet, another EAR INFECTION! This time I had drops and was ready with the pain killers. Why is he getting so many ear infections? Also, going back to my previous statement, Nolen is sick. SO, Nolen was up all night, too. This meant Stephen and I probably got around 2 full hours of sleep... total. BUMMER.

Sleep? I can do without that, but TODAY of all days, is Edward's birthday! I wanted it to be so special. I wanted to have his favorite breakfast and then take some pictures, pick up his cake, go to rehearsal, spend lunch with his friends, then come home and take a nap, THEN go swimming.

NONE of that happened the way I wanted it to happen. I took a shower around 7 after giving Edward more medicine and a bottle (yeah, I know he is 2 now but he is keeping that bottle until I am ready to get rid of it). Then I rushed through breakfast, fed Nolen, and jumped in Stephen's car to find it was COMPLETELY out of gas! UGH! I filled up and ran in to Smith's to pick up the cake. NO, it was not ready. Of course!!! I drove to rehearsal and used any and all energy I might have had, singing my guts out and trying to sound good doing it. Rehearsal ran over so I ran to my car and drove back to try and pick up the cake. (At least they gave me a discount because the lady could tell I was about to cry.) I made it to Chuck E Cheese and then sat down, had some pizza and started introducing people.

Here comes the best part... I have known Adrianne for over 3 YEARS! Yes, I called her Aubry. UGH! I hate that. I am so selfish. I hate not knowing people's names. That is one of the most inconsiderate things a human can do... and here I am... doing my own biggest pet peeve. SO SO SO sorry Adrianne. NO, she doesn't read my blog, but boy, if she did she might understand.

We sang happy birthday, Edward was sort of sad through out his party, he didn't open his presents, we didn't say thank you, and then we left because Edward was crying. Pathetic.

I am truly grateful to all of my friends who came out to celebrate with us. THANKS a MILLION! I owe you big!

Now that the hardest part of the day is over, I want to try this day again. AND too bad, I can't. I know Edward will never remember this... but I will.
I think I have crammed too many things in to a small space and it is exploding all over the place. Time to gather up what is left of my stuff and try to cram it all back in again.

And you know what? My life is amazing. I am living my "happily ever after". I love it. No matter how chaotic. My friend had a life altering event happen to her on Valentines day... and I feel so selfish. I want to share my happily ever after and it seems impossible. I wont share her news with you, but put a little prayer out there for my friend, Elizabeth.

Happy Birthday, Edward.
Love, your crazy and spastic mother.


Kayla said...

Awe, what a day! Happy birthday little man!

Tiffany said...

Sorry, it was my fault you had to introduce us all! I've done that too and felt awful!!!! It was still fun though and I'm really glad I got to see you!

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

ha ha ha... oh tiffany, you are hilarious! I wish my brain would just work when I told it to. ;)

Lisa Lines said...

Oh Happy Birthday is Edward! He is growing up into such a little man. Luke was sick with a fever on his first birthday. I waited a day to do his own personal basketball birthday cake. But I could tell he still didn't feel well. A hour or so after the cake and all the frosting he threw up everything! I felt like a bad mama for making him eat the cake. Maybe next year we'll have better luck.

Lisa Lines said...

Happy birthday TO Edward! Silly me.

Heidi said...

Poor Edward!! And, poor YOU!! :) Gracie got ear infections constantly when she was little (she would even get one about 2 days after being off antibiotics!), and eventually she needed tubes. I think she was 3 when she got the tubes put in, and she hasn't had more than one or two ear infections since! So, you might want to look into it.