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Friday, October 22, 2010


I woke up last night at 12:48 AM to the sweet smell of something burning. Without hesitation I grabbed my glasses and ran to Edward's room. I didn't see smoke and the smell was not coming from upstairs. After thoroughly checking around his room I proceeded to make my way downstairs. As I stepped down the last step, I saw it! There it was, burning in our fireplace! Stephen was nestled up to the fire playing a video game. I guess the alarm in my face didn't show because he didn't seem to think anything was wrong as I walked toward him. I said dreamily, "I smelled something burning." Then I turned around, walked upstairs, and went back to bed.
On a completely separate note, I would like to know of any advice mothers can give about what they would change/do differently or anything that helped them get through labor and delivery. I realize this is my second birth and I should be a little more prepared; however, it is always nice to hear others experiences so that I can be even more prepared for the coming birth of my second child. Any story or advice is welcome.


Christine said...

I always recommend to people to try taking red raspberry. It is an herb that helps to tone the muscles used in labor to make things happen. Many worry about it putting you into labor, but that is absolutely false, it won't! But, my mom and my older sister have a history of long, difficult labors and I tried this with Sam and I had an awesome delivery with him. I was able to push for 15 mins and deliver a 9 pound baby. It's totally up to you, but I figure, what could it hurt, right? You can buy it in tablet form instead of making the tea and the idea is you start 6 weeks out and take 1 pill a day for the first week, 2 pills a day for the second week and build up. I know it is a pain to be taking 6 pills a day at the end, but I feel it made a difference for me! Good luck to you, though! I really hope things go better for you this time around!

megs said...

I had a great labor - I guess as far as labors go. I took Bradley birth classes, which I liked for the exercises they gave (woohoo kegels and pelvic tucks!) and the diet advice (more protein than I craved, so prob good I had to watch my diet - though I never did the liver they claim is good for you). I have my labor story on my blog - circa Oct 09, and I'm wondering if I went into it all in detail. I did for my Bradley buddies from my class - but honestly the best thing it did was give ideas on how to relax, encouraged practice and thinking about how to calm down and allow it to happen (pain is worse when you're tensing) AND it gave Mike his 'jobs' - seriously, he ran great interference with nurses and me.

Bradley -

It was pricey - but if you want to talk about it, email me on fb or something... :-)

Sabs said...

oh man scary story! glad it wasn't a real fire but seriously who wakes up a prego person?!! congrats to your hubby. isn't that like the most stressful job ever? air traffic control? sorry no tips for labor but i was lookin into hypono birth bc i heard such amazing things but things were just too early and unexpected for me to apply any of it:)

Andrea said...

Glad there was no real fire! :-)

Kneeling down for contractions and delivery while resting my head on pillows on the bed helped me a lot. If you want, you can read about O's birth here:

Melissa & Phil said...

With Hayden I went to the Chiropractor the last 6 weeks. I think what they did was called the logan basic- you could ask about that. I think it really helped. Good Luck!!!

Heidi said...

I really wish I would have done the whole "focus on something important to you when you're having a contraction", like a picture or something hanging on the wall. I never did that, but would have loved to see if it would have worked! I labored on a birthing ball and leaned over the birthing bar when I was pushing during my labor with Levi. I absolutely loved it! I had horrible back labor with him, so my epidural didn't work so well and pushing in a squatting position felt so much better than pushing while laying on my back. Good luck, Jules! Whatever you do, I DEFINITELY don't recommend delivering without an epidural!!! Talk about the most unbearable pain in the world! :/

Rachel O said...

You don't know me (probably) but we're in the ward together...

Kara came early and unexpectedly, so I didn't get to take any classes or have an epidural. What saved me was visualizing a race (I'm a swimmer) and getting to the end! That, and my sister was right there and telling me what a good job I was doing and to keep going--I couldn't have done it without her!