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Saturday, September 11, 2010


sometimes i would like to know the future. ie: is the baby coming early, late, or right on time; should we buy a house now or wait 3 years; where are my boys going to go to school; is home schooling better for them; is Edward going to sleep through the night tonight; are we really staying in ABQ forever; and are my children going to be successful adults?

Ok, they are really just random questions; however, I would like to know the answer so that I can make a few decisions...

oh, and is that baby ticker right? 68 days? AH!!!!!! I am not, not, not ready!


Andrea said...

Wow, 68 days is coming up fast! :-) I know this about the future; whatever happens, you will handle it beautifully!

Heidi said...

For me, home-schooling would depend on how comfortable you felt with it, how Edward would be able to get in social time with other kids, and how good the schools are in your area. BTW, how ARE the schools in ABQ?

Paul and Aliisa said...

You know, God gave you a good brain. Not knowing is trying your faith, so with prayer, brains, and faith you will know when the time is right for all of those things.

Anonymous said...

Remember, ABQ IS about 10-15 degrees cooler than AZ. I think I'd rather stay cool. Yes, I would miss my family too. Good thing about it; I can always hop in the car and come see you and you us.
Love mom