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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yes, I spoil my Son.

Recently, I have been hearing from one person or another that I spoil my precious and cute little boy, Edward. I figured I would address the subject in a semi public forum and explain my actions. This way, you can then asses my actions and make a true judgement of whether or not I am, in fact, "spoiling" him.
My full time position tittle is "Wife and Mother". My duties include but are not limited to: Feeding my husband and child (usually an all day event), helping Edward fall asleep for a nap and for bed time, bathing Edward, teaching Edward, playing with Edward, and making sure he grows in to an intelligent wonderful young man. Cleaning house, laundry, and other house hold items are included but not a top priority.
If Edward needs something and he is incapable of doing it himself, I do it for him. After all he is only 19 months. This usually means I am getting up and down from my position on the floor more than 100 times a day. (I keep wondering why I haven't gained much weight in this pregnancy...)
So, you say, what about "you", Julie? Well, I spend a significant amount of time on the computer and reading. If I "take a break" and turn on the television for a while then Edward needs something, I stand up and get it for him. If he needs attention, I give it to him.
Let's be honest... is the Television or computer more important than your child? NO! There is not a thing that I could be doing that is more important than my Son. So, yes, I spoil him. I don't answer the phone to chat all day long, I don't really watch much television, and I try to limit my computer time.
I don't mind running all over the town taking Edward to the park or museum or on a hike to educate my Son. I don't mind playing cars with him for hours and hours a day. These are precious moments I have with him during the day and there is not a thing in the world that is more important than my time with my husband and my Son.
So, yeah, I spoil him. AND I don't feel bad about it at all.

*Please note sarcasm


megs said...

YOU are an amazing mom!! These are the perfect priorities, and nothing here sounds like "spoiling" - defined as "to damage irreparably; ruin." It sounds like the opposite of that.

I find I don't miss watching tv - I don't usually have it on around Minuet, not only because she shouldn't be watching it. But, because I don't want her to watch me ignore her in favor of tv. Same on the computer. I have my time, when I can and in between - but I don't think it is wrong to live in a way that intentionally focuses on my baby and her development.

I sometimes go to soccer games on Saturdays, to see my friends' kiddos play... and my mom jokes about how much she loved those days of soccer Saturdays as a parent. You're out in the sun, at the park, surrounded by happy parents and kids, and you are WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. No stress for ignoring any other tasks (laundry, shopping, work, whatever).

Because nothing is as important as doing what is right for your baby.

Heidi said...

You go girl!!! You are an awesome mommy!!!! That little boy is so lucky to have you! I'd rather my children be "spoiled" (aka loved) than not! :)

Lindsey and Brett said...

It really doesn't sound like you spoil Edward to me. It sounds like you are just like any good mom who puts their child first. I know that you discipline Edward, too. It's not like he gets whatever he wants. Edward has a great mommy who obviously loves him a lot!