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Monday, January 16, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

Have you found amazing products or services that have changed your life?  Once you found these amazing things, did you want to scream it from every roof top? 

I totally understand why Oprah does her "favorite" things show (or did, I realize her show is off the air).  There are so many products out there, how do you weed through the good and bad to find the best?  I have found a few things that I can not live with out.  The products have changed my life.

1) The Book of Mormon
Read it.  It will change your life.  You will feel something powerful, something real, something that will change your perspective.  It will move you.  It will change you.

2) DoTerra Essential Oils
I know this sounds random after reading my number one, but really, these oils have changed my life.  I now have clear skin.  More than one person has told me, "Your skin is amazing!  You have great genes."  I almost nearly died from shock and laughter.  I have TERRIBLE skin.  Frankincense has changed that for me.  People ask me my secret.  THERE IS NO SECRET, everyone can have amazing skin.  Use the oil!
I am smaller than I was 12 years ago.  TWELVE years ago, (I was 18 for those of you who didn't do the math) I wasn't even this small!  What is my secret?  The oil!!  Can I yell this loud enough so that you will try it?  Yes, I work hard at the gym; however, I have worked really hard for the past 8 years to lose weight and it is finally coming off when I am 30!?  I thought I was supposed to gain 5 extra pounds when I turned 30 because my metabolism slowed down.  Not true, by the way, just try the oil.

3) Bra's
Weird, I know.  I used to only buy Victoria Secret bra's because they were supposedly the best.  Guess what?  Their not.  There the worst.  They are expensive and they don't actually do their job.  They don't flatter a woman unless that woman is 100 pounds with fake boobs.  Stop buying their bra's just because of the name.  They look terrible.  I found a new boutique that actually really cares about what you look like with your clothes ON!  Isn't that the point of a bra?  To help you look better and maximize your natural assets?  SOMA!  There aren not 20 somethings walking around weighing 110 pounds telling you to purchase this bra or that bra because they are the new "it" thing.  There ARE; however, women (real women) who understand a woman's body at Soma who want to help you find the best bra for your body type.  I tried on about 20 bra's before finding the right one that actually flatters my body.  Strangers have asked me what my secret is for not having any back lines because of my bra... ugh, it's call the "Vanishing Back" bra by Soma.  It is supportive, it will make you look good, and it looks good while doing it. 
ENELL sports bra's.  Stop buying cheap sports bra's from k-mart just because you think they are all the same.  They are not.  ENELL is the BEST!  No bounce and no funny business.  It does it's job, period.  No, it is not meant to make you look sexy while you are at the gym trying to work out, if you go to the gym to pick up a man, sorry, this bra is not for you.  This sports bra is for the serious person who really wants to loose weight and not worry about any extra bouncing. 

These are three of my favorite things.  Try them and find out for yourself.


Paul and Aliisa said...

Haha! I loved this post. Especially about the bras. Too bad I don't have large bust problems :(

Lindsey and Brett said...

You are funny, Julie. We need to talk. I'm sorry I have been so unavailable. But don't think for a minute that means that I have forgotten you! You need to tell me more about these oils.

Sonya said...

That Soma bra sounds awesome! I'll have to give it a try. ;)

megs said...

I love my enell. It is the ONLY sports bra I will run in. Ever. It is magical. I thought it looked weird, then fell in love.

I agree, btw, that VS has somehow saturated the market and made it impossible to really know a good bra. And it makes me feel grown up to have outgrown them. I have had a lot of fun buying bras on zappos.com (having no bra stores around me at all) and it has free shipping and returns, and great customer service. So I keep buying five bras and sending my rejects back. I love that I can satisfy my shoe and bra needs without having a mall there!

Heidi said...

The bra part is great! I buy VS bras, because I thought they were the best. But now that you have posted about them, I think I may have to try out Soma! Thanks for the tips! :)