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Friday, August 16, 2013


Edward started preschool yesterday. I was not going to send Edward to school let alone preschool. However, last February, everything changed. I found out through Nolen's diagnosis that he would have to attend public school in order to receive therapy through the state.
I also found out he would have to start school when turned 3. That was another heartbreak. I wanted to homeschool both my boys and not until they turn 5. 
I had to come up with another plan. A friend told me about a preschool that allowed peer to peer tutoring. I signed Edward up for the same class that Nolen will attend in November. After waiting all summer to see if Edward got in the class, I found out a week before that Edward made it in the afternoon class. So, off he goes. Everyday to school to be there for his brother. A heavy burden to carry but I know he can do that for me. He can be with Nolen when I can not. My little boys are growing up. Love you sweet Edward. 

1 comment:

Heidi said...

He will do great, Julie! Plus, the interaction with other kids his age will be so good for him :)