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35 They were desirous to be baptized as a witness and a testimony that they were willing to serve God with all their hearts; Mosiah 21:35

"Make sure they remember joy yesterday, experience joy today, and anticipate joy tomorrow."

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To provide a loving environment that is centered around God and His commandments while effectively teaching my children to love, honor, and respect all Men no matter the race, creed, or background.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Caught sleeping

I check on the boys every night before I head off to dreamland. Most of the time they are sleeping soundly, undisturbed in their little beds. A few nights ago, after a long rehearsal, I walked in to see Edward in this interesting pose. 

He looks deep in thought or maybe he had an itch and feel asleep half way through. Either way, this boy is adorable. 

A few weeks back, I talked to Nolens occupational therapist about Edward. She said he could use some therapy. After a quick evaluation, we found that Edward, indeed, needs a lot of OT to catch up with his peers. For starters, he has poor motor planning and very little fine motor skills. He also has Auditory Processing Disorder.  As a mother, this comes as a bit of a blow. I should know how to handle this kind of news now; however, it never is easy to hear that your child has something wrong. So now I begin another journey with my "normal" child. Ha! What is normal anyway?

1 comment:

Andrea Landaker said...

I guess if you look at it another way, life is therapy for all of us to try and overcome and work with our individual strengths and weaknesses... :-)

Love his thinker pose!