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Friday, February 6, 2015

A long day grows longer.

You might be wondering if that is even possible.  I can assure you, friends, it is.  I won't bore you with the past few weeks but just today. 
6:00 Wake up.  Not pleasantly either. I realize I am not going to fall back asleep so I might as well get up and exercise because, face it, there's not much else to do at 6 AM.
So I plod downstairs in the hopes that I will find some miraculous energy.  I don't.
I ride the bike 5 miles and then do my whole upper body routine.  
7:00  Yes, that only took one hour.  Ugh.  My boys weren't even up by then.  I waste some time looking at Facebook before I decide I have had enough of the MMRV talk and close it down for the day.  Good thing because Facebook is a giant waster of my time.
7:25  The boys wake up.  Their hungry and ready to play.  I remember that I haven't been grocery shopping in three weeks, so I have zero food in the house to feed them.   I usually make a delicious smoothie for breakfast every single morning.  No strawberries today.  No blueberries.  Nothing. So just like yesterday, I get the boys dressed and we head off to "juice it up" for a smoothie.
8:30  Oh, I didn't mention this, but maybe it goes with out mentioning, in that hour, I did take a shower.  Anyhow, I text Stephen to remind him that he needs to take Nolen to therapy today because, well I have a long day planned.  He met me at "juice it up" and took Nolen to therapy.
9:00  Drop Edward off at school and realize I am in too much pain to wait out the 30 minutes until his therapist shows up.  So I drive home fast.  Get pain relief and drive back to school.
9:30  Let Edwards therapist in to his school and help her get settled before I head off to my rehearsal.
10:30 Arrive at rehearsal early with the intent to warm up and practice.  I didn't.  Sometimes talking with friends is much more therapeutic than singing.
11:00  Sing.  Terribly.  Learn another very valuable life lesson: ALWAYS, ALWAYS show up with your part learned.
1:00  Zoom home because Stephen has to go to work and Nolen's therapist is coming over for ABA therapy.
1:30 Write out my shopping list and eat lunch.  Let's face it, a smoothie can only last so long.
2:45 Pick up Edward from school.  He proceeds to tell me for the hundredth time he can't remember what he did at school.  Another stressful story for another day.
3:30 Drop the boys off to get haircuts and beg my friend to watch them while I do some much needed grocery shopping. (Remember the breakfast story)
4:30 Pick up the boys and head out to find white gloves for Edward. 
5:00 No white gloves anywhere in town.  Stop at the health food store and buy another 5 gallons of goats milk.  Yum!
5:30 Arrive home.  Finally.  I'm starving.  I eat the cold pizza in the fridge.  The boys eat gluten free snicker doodle bunnies for dinner. 
6:00 Start to think I am just about to get comfortable when I get a text message that a friend really needs to talk.  Talk for an hour.
7:00  Tell the boys it's almost time fore bed.  Call my parents.
8:30 Realize I have been on the phone dealing with another stressful situation for another hour.
9:00  Put the boys in bed. No bath.  Who has time for that anyway?
10:00  Type out long winded blogpost as I wait for another round of pain killers to set in.
10:02 Stephen's home
Good night.  It has been a long day. 

1 comment:

Paul and Aliisa said...

Those days really make you appreciate the "easy" ones huh? I'm dealing with a 3 year-old that seriously gets into EVERYTHING and undo's what I just did if I leave him to put laundry away. He sure is sweet but oh so mischevious. Love my kids, but oh, some days...