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Friday, September 9, 2016

Grandparents Day

This past weekend was Grandparents Day at TMES.  Now that both boys are attending the school, I thought it would be nice if both my parents could come to see their classrooms.  My parents rode the train on Thursday night and arrived here on Friday morning.  After a quick lunch, they drove over to the school.  My parents decided to split up their time with the boys.  They each spent half an hour in the classroom with each boy.  The boys begged them to go to frozen yogurt after school.  Actually, they had been begging me all week to go to Menchies but I told them they could go with my parents after school.
Saturday, I had a photo shoot with 35 people and I asked my mom to come along.  She was the best assistant.  She was so kind and did everything I needed.  She brought in all my gear and posed the group.  She was amazing.  
While we were at the photo shoot, the boys went to drive Traxxas cars.  When they arrived, they were told the track was only open to people who owned cars.  So, they bought cars.  The boys have been driving them all week.  They have had a blast.  Too bad the batteries only last 15 minutes.  HA!
Sunday, we went to church and I helped my parents pack up.  Just before we were about to leave, my Dad had a kidney stone attack.  Instead of driving to the train, we went to the emergency room.  My Dad spent the evening in the hospital then came home and rested.  I put my parents on the train on Monday afternoon.  Tuesday morning, my Dad was already back in the hospital for his kidney stone.  He spent two days there trying to pass the stone. 
It really was quite an eventful weekend.  I am so grateful to my parents for their sacrifices.  They have always taken time out of their schedules to visit my family.  They are truly amazing.  My Dad retires in one week!  He still hasn't passed the kidney stone.  AH!  
I truly believe memories are more important than any gift.  Time spent with family is worth the sacrifice.  (Even if the sacrifice is a kidney stone!)  I love my parents.

My Mom wrote this blurb about her day at TMES.
 "We went to grandparents day at TMES for Edward and Nolen. We road the train Friday Morning on the 2 and arrived about 11:30. Julie picked us up and took us back to her home. We went to TMES and listened to the beautiful violin music playing   Two young students played their instruments with care and with feeling. Soon classes began to emerge from the building their eyes were moving from left to right searching for the right Grandma and grandpa. Smiles spread across their faces as they recognized their loved one and ran up and hugged them or grabbed their hand to take them to thei classroom. We had already decided that grandpa would go with Edward and I would go with Nolen  then we would switch at the 1/2 hour. Edward came out first. He smiled and gave us both hugs. Grandpa and he went to class. I waited and waited for Nolen. I began to worry that maybe I should go into his classroom. As I entered the school through the midst of grandparents I noticed a teacher with little ones following her. About midway I saw that beautiful smile. He had a hat on with a big round circle. What is this I asked. It is Jupiter he said as He ducked his head for a moment and then told me to follow him. All the students in his class had hats on with different planets. Some even has the sun and some had the moon. We went outside and walked in the normal kindergarten line and then circled around as the students looked for their grandparents. Back inside we went. Nolen took me to his desk and we talked about the papers on his desk. It was an outline of a pinwheel with directions on how to make it. Shortly his classmates sent to the front of the classroom and began singing. I asked him if he wanted to go. He just continued cutting out his pinwheel. The students were singing a song about the planets and making hand movements as they sang. I asked again and Nolen didn't say a word. Both boys were making pinwheels. After they cut them out they read the directions to pin it to a pencil. After it was pinned they could blow it and watch it spin. Nolens class performed songs about planets. Nolen had a headband with his favorite planet, Jupiter the largest planet in our solar system. It is made up of gases. It rotates the same way as the earth. About a half hour passed and Nolen and I walked to Edwards classroom and Nolen took grandpa back to his room. Edward was still coloring geiko on his pinwheel. Finally he completed his project and we tried many times to get the tack to keep the pinwheel in place. It kept falling off. We even tried to do it on the bottom of the eraser. It fell off again. The teacher announced that we were to put the pinwheels in the ground outside on the hill. Edward and Nolen took theirs out to the spot designated for the pinwheels and stuck them in the ground. They were so proud of their pinwheels. We hurriedly went to the car so we could avoid the rush of cars leaving the parking lot. About a half mile down the road we went to an ice cream store called Menchies. They have soft serve yogurt for .55 cents an ounce. The boys made their creation and ate them with haste. They must have enjoyed the glaciers they chose. We left there and found a pet store with lots of fun looking lizards, geckos, birds, hamsters etc. we got to pet them. We took lots of pictures of the different pets and then headed for their home."

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Mom said...

It was truly fun going to Grandparent's Day. Not too many schools actually celebrate this day. The elementary school I work with had certain teachers that put forth the effort to invite Grandparents to this day especially dedicated to them. I am glad TMS has this time set aside for Grandparent's Day.