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Monday, April 10, 2017

A Sleep Number Story

In February, Stephen and I decided to buy a Sleep Number bed.  We had been in the process of making this decision for six years.  We did not take this decision lightly.  I asked many of my friends, relatives, and even strangers what they liked and what they disliked about their bed.  Most people were just "OK" with their beds.  No one had anything especially awesome to say except the owners of the Sleep Number Beds.  
I had been in to the Sleep Number store a few times.  I laid on the beds, I talked to a sales person, and I gave them my information.  I was very impressed with their customer service and their kindness.  The boys always knew it was going to be a long chat if we stopped at the Sleep Number store.  
Two people who really love their Sleep Number beds are Stephen's parents and our neighbors.  Our neighbors loved it so much they bought each of their kids a Sleep Number bed!
I asked so many questions.  I thought I was completely informed.  I did all my research.  We bit the bullet in mid February, just before Edward's birthday.  
The sales lady was awesome.  She went into great detail about what to expect.  A few years back, we bought a nice bed frame from Costco.  She assured me the bed would fit inside our frame.  She said that it would take at least 7 nights to get used to the bed.  She talked on and on about the warranties  and what to do if we had a problem with the bed.  We were stoked!  
The day the bed was supposed to arrive, I had set aside almost all of my usual activities.  I took all the bedding off our old mattress and put it in the washing machine.  I thought was completely prepared.  I was wrong.  
The Sleep Number technicians didn't arrive until 6:45 that evening!  I had scheduled a voice student at 7:00 because I assumed the bed would have been delivered and set up by then.   It wasn't.  The technicians went into our room and took the mattress of the bed.  Then he unscrewed part of the base.  I was down stairs teaching a lesson, so I was not in the room.  The technician came downstairs about 20 minutes later and said he could not put the bed up tonight because they base wouldn't fit in our bed frame.  I asked him if he could just wait 15 minutes while I finished with my student, then I would figure out what I needed to do in order to have the bed put up tonight.  
He didn't want to wait.  He said he has been working since 8 AM that morning and he didn't care.  I was extremely upset.  I tried calling Stephen, but of course, he couldn't answer the phone.  He isn't allowed to have his cell phone at work.  
Then I sort of tried to beg the guy.  Just wait, I said.  I will figure this all out.  He said, "I'm not waiting."  He told me someone would call me and reschedule the drop off.  I was angry.  I figured, no big deal, they will just deliver it tomorrow morning because the bed is already on their truck.  Maybe we could be the first delivery in the morning.  
NO SUCH LUCK!  No one contacted me from the Sleep Number store.  I waited all day the next day.  Finally at just after 5:00 PM someone called.  They would delivery the bed in two weeks.  
Yeah.  Two weeks.  
What a joke!  So, we waited.  From the time we ordered the bed to the time we finally were able to sleep on the bed it was just under a month.  VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!
When the delivery guy showed up in late March, I had my bed completely taken apart and again, set aside my entire day.  I stood in the room as they did every thing.  The same guy who was rude the last time did end up coming back.  He was fine, but not overly nice and not apologetic.  I don't know what I expected.  Maybe just a courtesy, "I'm sorry."  
Our first night of sleep was awful.  Just plain awful.  
Our second night of sleep.  Terrible!
Our third through seventh night of sleep. THE WORST EVER!
Our cabin beds in Maryland were hard as a rock and this bed was WORSE!!!!!
The second week with the Sleep Number bed was just as bad.  I think I only slept better because I was extremely exhausted.  
Then we left on our trip to Las Vegas.  The beds at the Bellagio were like sleeping on a cloud compared to our Sleep Number bed.  HA!
When we came home, I figured we would just call and send the bed back.  I called our sales lady.  She said we had to sleep on the bed for 30 nights.  
Stephen decided to put our old Costco mattress topper on our new bed.  That did the trick.  We finally slept.  The bed actually felt great.  
For the last two weeks, I have been waking up refreshed and with out any aches a pains.  My neck, back, and hips no longer ache when I wake up.  I feel refreshed.  The bed is just as good as we had hoped.  It took nearly a full month to figure out our perfect sleep setting and I am so glad we gave this bed a try.  

The things I love about the bed.  You can adjust the air in the bed.  This, for us, did not make it softer or hard.  It just meant that there was less air, therefore, less stability.  It did NOT make the bed softer in any sense.  The mattress was the same softness no mater what sleep number we chose.  When we filled the bed with more air, it just added more support.  
The adjustable base is a dream come true.  Everyone should have an adjustable base.  We bought the split king so each bed moves separately from the other.  This is a great feature.  I can read in bed at night before I fall asleep and have my legs raised above my heart while I read.  My legs thank me every night.  

There is a timer on the bed.  I set it for 30 minutes each night, then I adjust my head and feet.  When the timer goes off, the bed lays flat, I turn out my lamp, and then I fall asleep.  It is SO COOL!  This is the very best feature.  We also LOVE sleeping separately.  It makes a huge difference.  I go to bed several hours earlier than Stephen.  Now I don't wake up when he comes to bed.  I used to toss and turn all night.  I can usually sleep through the night.  
The last great feature is the Sleep IQ.  The bed connects to an app on my phone, then tells me how I slept each night.  I check this weekly just to see if my sleep is improving. 

All in all, we are glad we made the purchase.  We can still send the bed back.  We might.  But we might keep it.  

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