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Sunday, June 22, 2008

This is good-bye

Well I knew this day was coming... I have, hopefully, been counting down the days. Stephen and I are about to go through a major change and I am not sure I am completely ready. I have five days left of my Arizona life, then off to a foreign land, New Mexico! My friends threw me an awesome going away party yesterday and I was able to see people I have not seen for a while. I really feel like I am leaving behind a lot of great friends here. I had no idea so many people actually cared about me. I am very lucky to have met a great group of people and to share the last three years with them at the University of Phoenix.

Now I am on to an even bigger adventure that I am positive I am not ready for at all. I am not sure there is any way a person can prepare for change. I believe you just have to accept that things are not ever going to stay the same then move forward from there. I have had a few sleepless nights and it is only 6:14 AM this beautiful Sunday morning because of some anxiety. Will things work out? I have faith.

Here are a few shots from the going away party... I tried to get everyone in a picture so that I could remember.


Shanan and Corey said...

New Mexico will be great--I am sure. :)

Brant & Kristen said...

I agree- there are some things that you really really can prepare for or know what to expect (i.e. missions!) Your going to do great in New Mexico though!

Brant & Kristen said...

I meant there are things that you CAN'T prepare for...

Jake said...

I hope that everything goes well with the move! I am sure that it won't be too long before you are adjusted to life in NM. It was awesome to have worked with you the past 2 years! I hope that we always stay in touch. Oh and by the way, if you are ever in Utah give us a call!

Lindsey & Brett said...

Very elusive blog, Julie. Keep me posted on your new life. :)