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Thursday, January 27, 2011


"Someone" recently, OK today, mentioned to me that outsider's do not believe my father loves me or for that matter all of his children. That could not be further from the truth. So today, I will set the record straight. I have previously written a post about how much my father has done for me and continues to do things for me; however, I believe this "someone" didn't read the post. My dad was recently featured in a law journal and part of what I wrote was published for the world to see. This "someone" didn't read that either.
My Dad is man of action. There once was a book published, "the five love languages" and this book clearly defines my dad as a man who shows love through gifts. He receives love (or knows that he is loved) when his family is working side by side with him. I can not begin to name all the gifts I have received from my father, but know that they are many.
One true example of my fathers love for me, he is spending his weekend packing up my siblings home and helping them move to another home then driving TWO hours to Las Vegas to board a plane, fly to phoenix, then fly to Albuquerque so that he can be here for my sons baby blessing. He will be here less than 24 hours. He will then fly home late Sunday evening just to get back in the car and drive TWO hours back home. When he returnes home he will get less than 5 hours of sleep and show up at work.
I love my dad. I love my dad. AND I know from the very bottom of my heart that my dad loves me. If you ever wonder... "does Julie's dad really love her? He never says it?" You would be mistaken to think that he doesn't. He loves me from the very bottom of his heart.

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Heidi said...

WHAT?! Who would ever say something like that?? That is crazy talk like I've never heard before! Weird...just weird.