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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Potty Trained!!

Yes, you read that right! My two year old who has autism is potty trained! I am so happy!  I have heard such terrible horror stories about potty training a child with autism.  AND it was hard.  REALLY HARD!  He cried, a lot.  He put up a huge fight; however, he gets it!  He is in underwear all the time now.  I started back in May and have been pushing to get him potty trained before he was 3.  I started potty training Edward a week before he turned 3.  That was a bit too late, in my opinion. So I started WAY earlier with Nolen.  It paid off.  He has been wearing underwear all week and has not had any pee accidents the whole week. Poop was a little more difficult, but he is officially going on the potty for both!!  Here is a little video I shot of him saying he is potty trained!  Also, if your looking for signs of autism, this video clearly shows his autistic tendencies. 
Oh, I just love this little boy and I can not believe he will be 3 on Friday!


Kayla said...

What a chore, especially with his needs. Great job you two. I love that feeling of no more diapers!

The Denning Family said...

Hey Julie!
Now I can't remember if I ever commented on your blog. This is Jeannette, Lisa's friend....I'm sure you remember me cuz you've commented on my blog. I'm happy to see you've got another potty trained too. Mine just relapsed again today, I hope not for long. :) It's so fun to see your beautiful family. And amazing what life brings and the challenges that come with it. Sounds like you are doing an awesome job taking care your family. Take care!