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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Anxiety and Autism

I suppose this day was coming.  I just thought I could avoid it.  I was hoping we had jumped all hurdles with autism.  HA!  Aren't you laughing?  I am.  I hear all the time, "Nolen is doing so well!" "You can't even tell he has autism."  So, I guess I sort of started believing we were in the clear.  As of January, we slowed down his ABA therapy to only 2 days a week and in February we slowed down his occupational therapy to 1 day a week.  He still goes to pre-school 4 days a week. 
Nolen is now showing signs of severe anxiety.  I don't even know where to go or how to get it under control.  I don't know the right language to use when speaking to him.  He worries about everything.  I mean, everything.  He worries about going to jail and dying.  I made a few videos to show he is still jumping and clenching his fists and of course, a video of his anxiety this morning.  Thoughts?

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Heidi said...

Anxiety is tough. I suffer from it, and I believe it is genetic, because Levi has it, and Cohen shows symptoms of it, as well. Message me any time you want to chat...maybe I know of a few things that might be helpful to you?