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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

First swim team swim meet!

Saturday was Edward's first swim meet.   He swam in four events.  
25 Freestyle: First Place
25 Breast Stroke: Fourth Place
25 Butterfly: First Place
100 Freestyle relay: Second place

He loved it!  He had the best time.  He loves swimming.  YAY!

Today, was Edward's second swim meet and Nolen's first meet.  They had a BLAST!  Nolen really loved swimming and hated not being in every single event.  I told Nolen that he could swim in every event at the next meet.

Team Relay: Fourth Place
25 Freestyle: First Place
100 Individual Medley: Fourth Place
50 Freestyle: Third Place
25 Breast Stroke: Third Place
25 Butterfly: Fourth Place 
100 Freestyle Relay: Second Place

25 Freestyle: Fifth Place
25 Breast Stroke: Third Place
25 Butterfly: Third Place
100 Freestyle Relay: Second Place

The boys swam on the same 100 Freestyle Relay team and did great.  Swim Meets take 4 1/2 hours and I wasn't really prepared for the time commitment.  Either way, I had fun.  I was much more prepared for the second meet.  I brought camp chairs and a ton of snacks.  I also brought our picnic blanket and our quick set up shade.  OH boy!  We only have 3 meets left so I am hoping we will enjoy them by the end of the season.

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