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Monday, May 15, 2017

Six and a half

It's already May.  It's already May 15th.  Nolen, my sweet baby, is already six and a half.  I was watching some old videos of the boys and I came across a video of Nolen 3 years ago.  He was talking about how much he loved the movie Frozen.  He has grown so much in 3 years.  He looks and acts like his peers.  I am just in awe of how strong he has become.  He works so hard to keep up with his older brother and his friends at school.  He is resilient.  I love this boy.  I took so many photos of him, and it is so hard to choose which photos to share.  He seems so grown up to me and I know if a few years I will look back at these photos and think, "He was so small!" 

Nolen loves minecraft.
He loves playing roblox on the ipad. 
He loves carrying around his pet turtle and playing with him in the yard.
He loves playing with Edward.
Nolen loves math.
He loves swimming.
He loves soccer.
He eats all types of food now.
He recently ate all the chicken out of his chicken noodle soup.
Nolen loves Brussels Sprouts.  
He loves them so much he planted them in the garden this year.
Nolen still sticks to a very structured schedule.
He has become very helpful around the house.
He is strong.
He is wise.
He is a deep thinker.
He loves everyone.
He loves to be silly.
He loves to make people laugh, especially at school.
He loves to give hugs.
He is Edward's best friend.

I am so glad they are brothers.  I am so glad they have each other.  They are the best of friends for life.  Nolen is so sweet.  I can't believe that he was two weeks left of Kindergarten.  I was so scared for him to start Kindergarten.  My fears were realized when his teacher quit back in October, but Nolen has really bounced back and made the most of a tricky situation.  Nolen is truly the light of my life.  I am so glad this little boy came in to my life six and half years ago.  
I love you, Nolen William Barnes.  

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