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Friday, November 5, 2010

Dear America,

Freedom of speech. Is that real? Can we really count on our freedom to speak our mind? Or is it a limited freedom? Well, I am going to take my chances, besides, who really reads my blog anyway?

For starters, my thoughts come from one source. The grocery store. As I was walking out of our upscale Albertson's I noticed shopping carts everywhere. These shopping carts were not even close to their designated parking spot. The shopping carts were littered throughout the parking lot. Then I thought, "Are we Americans really that lazy? We can't even walk ten feet to the shopping cart holster and put our cart away?" The real answer here is a resounding "YES, WE ARE THAT LAZY!"

So I started thinking about the guy or gal who was hired to round up the shopping carts and bring them back in to the store just so that I could conveniently grab it and walk through the store just to leave it whirling down the street outside. This guy or gal is paid to pick up our little mess, if you will, just to go back outside no matter what the weather is and do it again.

This train of thought led me to another thought. Americans. We live in a day and age where everything is fast and convenient. I admit, I love it. I love that if I need something I can just jump in my car and pick it up somewhere no matter the hour or distance. We sure are spoiled.

On that thought, I can't help but think about how we EXPECT our lives to be made even easier by ONE person. For example, this is something I over heard in passing, "I don't have to worry about the gas prices going up, Obama is going take of it for me." IS HE? REALLY? No, I don't think so. Why are we resting all of our hopes and dreams on ONE PERSON, or a handful of people for that matter. Do we really think that all of our problems are going to be solved by the new politician we voted for? Isn't the old saying completely true, "if you want something done you have to do it yourself"?

That statement is true for me. I am no longer going to sit idly by and expect new laws and new governor's to change my destiny. What foolish thinking! We, lazy, Americans need to actually get out and help one another rather than expecting someone else to do it for us.

I guess what I am saying is, I can no longer expect the right thing to be done by those in power because, after all, they are only human. Politicians have no idea what my needs are and for that matter I doubt they really care. However, I know what my neighbors needs are and I care enough to help him out.

I will start small and help my family, as they are most important to me, and grow from there. If we all took a moment to change our mindset, "the government will save me", maybe we would start to realize that only we can save ourselves. Instead of taking so much from one another, how about we just give and help as best we can? Is that asking too much from America? Not in my eyes.


Rachel O said...

When our country was founded, it was based on the belief that people (well, in that day, land owners) should control government, not the other way around. I hate that people are so willing to let the GOVERNMENT have so much control! I hate big government! (And as an aside, I think only those people that own land should be able to vote on issues that raise property taxes).

I always put my grocery cart away.

Rachel O said...


You inspired me to write my own post about America/government.

Kanets said...

The shopping cart deal buggs me too. I always park close to a cart corral so I can get one and put it away. Also something that bothers me is how everyone leaves all their movie theater garbage at their seat after the movie is over (and at sporting events too). We only pass 10 garbage cans on our way out. How hard is it to pick up after yourself?

Liz said...

Well said.

Andrea said...

I agree that self-reliance and work are good, but . . . there are some things I'm really glad the government does for us. Roads, libraries, museums, food inspection, public schools, protection, buses, utilities, and research, to name a few. How many of these things would get done if they were left to citizens and private corporations?

But, yeah, you can't put responsibility for yourself and your choices onto anyone else!

Kayla said...

There is a grocery store here called Aldi's. You check out a cart by inserting a quarter. After your shopping trip you can retrieve your quarter by returning the cart. Their parking lot is always cart free. It's amazing what American's will do to save a quarter if they actually "see" it being spent.

This same grocery store also makes you purchase your own bags, if you don't bring your own.

They are so smart.

Jake and Mal said...

Well said Julie! Really we are that lazy and expect somebody else to take care of us. Why not just take care of ourselves and each other.

I just watched a news broadcast about a city in America where people are very poor so they don't have cars to drive them to grocery stores and they don't have a store within walking distance. They wanted the government and Michelle Obama to donate food to them and take care of them. They were complaining that because their soil is so rich all the food grown locally by industrial farmers is shipped away and they don't get any. Then when the reporters were talking to the people I noticed that all of them had large yards surrounding their houses (plenty of space for a garden with the richest soil in America) Honestly, quit complaining, grow food for yourselves! I think it should be an obvious solution. I don't have the fresh food that I want. I don't have a car to get it from a store. I have really good soil. I should grow fresh food. Then I would have plenty for me and maybe I could sell it to my neighbors! Why doesn't our government teach and encourage us to be self proficient?

Harrison - Party of Three! said...

I push my buggy (that is what we call them in the south) back to the corral about 85% of the time. The other 15% of the time, I curse the grocery store for not having more of them around in the parking lot, then prop it on the curb. And I still feel guilty- even though I have a baby in the car waiting for me!

Anonymous said...

so true, so true...