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Friday, November 19, 2010

Labor and Delivary in a nutshell...

I hired a Doula!

Sunday morning around 3am I woke up with slight to moderate contractions that were ten minutes apart. I couldn't really sleep so I went downstairs and tried to read a book. I had been trying to finish "Man of the Family" by Ralph Moody before the baby arrived. I started reading and soon felt tired enough to sleep through my contractions.
8:00 AM I put together Stephen's lunch for work and told him I thought the baby was going to come tonight. I even sent a text to my Mom saying I thought the baby was coming. I went upstairs to take a shower for church and my contractions totally stopped. I got Edward totally ready to go and we headed out for Sacrament. Church seemed to be what tipped me over the edge, if you really want to know. Edward was especially rambunctious and wanted to visit every single person who attended sacrament that day. He even started screaming "CAR" from the top of his lungs towards the end of the meeting. I have a rule that we stay in sacrament as long as possible so I stayed while he yelled until the older woman in front of us turned around and "shsh"ed us. So I left. I was so angry. I walked in to the hall and said, "I hate this ward". Ugh! I guess my hormones and emotions were running high.
10:00 AM I went to nursery and did my job as best I could. I probably wasn't much help but I was there. The usual nursery leader was not there and she didn't have a replacement. So two of us took care of eleven two year olds. YIKES!
12:30 PM I drove Edward home and put him to bed as I started to feel contractions again. I decided not to time them because they were most likely going to go away. I went down stairs and read my book while feeling some very uncomfortable pain.
3:30 PM Stephen arrived home from work and I told him my contractions were back. Stephen had forgotten his cell phone at home and somehow managed to come back home and pick it up with out my knowledge. He must have had a feeling the baby was coming too. Stephen cooked dinner, potatoes and brawts, one of my favorite meals. I sat on the floor watching Toy Story Three while my contractions started to get closer together and more uncomfortable.
7:00 PM I decide that my contractions are not going away so I talk to my Mom and tell her that the baby is coming tomorrow. I have stopped timing my contractions because I know that while I was in labor with Edward it only made it worse to time them and know when the next one was coming. So while in labor I just let the pain come and go. I just took deep even breathes as the pain increased.
8:00 PM Stephen put Edward down for bed and I decided to go and take a LONG luxurious bath. We have a jacuzzi tub and I figured this would be the perfect time to utilize the asset. I took my book upstairs and put bubbles in the tub and turned off all the lights except for one right over the tub. I am not really sure how long I soaked in the tub but it was a while. I called my neighbor, Sarah Tasker, to ask her if she wouldn't mind spending the night with Edward while Stephen and I went to the hospital to check and see if they would admit me. She said to let her know when to come over.
9:00 PM I called the doula to let her know that we were in labor and that I was sure we would be heading to the hospital at midnight.
9:30 PM I am still in the tub reading my book and breathing through some intense contractions. I really didn't want to go to the hospital and have them turn me away. I just wanted to labor at home as long as I possibly could. Reading my book between contractions was the best idea. It totally took my mind off what was happening with my body. I would stop reading while I felt pain and breath then start back where I left off. The jacuzzi tub was 100% relaxing.
10:30 PM I get the feeling I need to get out of the tub. I brush my teeth, take out my contacts and Stephen walks in to the room and says he is all packed up and ready to go. I say, "Ok, lets call the doula and have her meet us here, then we can discuss our options." As I am getting dressed, Stephen called the Doula, Michelle, and he said we would meet her at the hospital. I started thinking about my pain and I guess Stephen saw my face and we decided it would be better to just meet her at the hospital.
10:45 PM Sarah and Spencer Tasker arrive at the house as I am downstairs feeling more and more pain. I am really hoping, at this point, that my body is dilating. I grab my big water jug and head to the car. I think about sitting on the seat, but I can't. I just can't. So I kneel down on the floorboard with my elbows rested on the seat. Every bump is EXCRUCIATING!! The seat makes an annoying beeping noise because I don't have my seat belt fastened. I fasten it.
11:00 PM We arrive at the hospital and I am surprised that I can not even WALK! I am having contractions that are very close together. Each step I take has to be really fast so that I can stop and squeeze Stephen's arm while I feel the pain. Somehow we make it to the door, then to the elevator. By the time we are on the third floor I am really feeling like a wuss. I am trying hard to be calm but my pain level is at a 9.5.
11:15 PM The nurse makes me undress and lay on the bed. I HATE LAYING ON THE BED! So much more pain when you lay down!! She checks me. I am 5-6 centimeters dilated!! I should celebrate, but I cry instead. I know that I have 4-5 more centimeters to go! My Doula arrives! The nurse tries to keep my laying down, but that is impossible with the amount of pain I am in. She puts a monitor on my stomach so she can check the babies heart beat. I had to wear the monitor for TWENTY MINUTES!! By this time I am starting to really make a lot of noise through my contractions, it seems to help me focus on the sound and not the pain. The nurse tells me I need to try to be quiet. HA HA HA! The Doula tells me I can be as loud as I want. Those were the longest most excruciating minutes of my life. The doula is rubbing my back and telling me to relax my shoulders. She is talking so softly. I am really trying to relax, but I have to admit, I didn't relax at all.
11:35 PM Finally the nurse says the baby is doing fine and the Doula has filled up the bath tub. I walk in to the bathroom and take off my silly hospital robe and jump in. The lights are off and there are flameless candles burning. I can smell vanilla. I try kneeling but my legs went numb right away. I sat down and just listened to the water and to my Doula's voice. She kept rubbing my back and talking to me softly. I started to sing scream through each contraction. I was literally screaming and singing at the same time.
12:00 AM The doula wants me to try another position, so I get back on my knees then I put my arms on the edge of the tub. WORSE! The pain is WAY WORSE!! WAY WORSE! I start screaming for my epidural and any pain meds that are available. The doula asks Stephen what kind of drugs we talked about taking. He says, "Give her whatever she wants!" I kneel again and that is when something changed. My sing scream turned into a grunt. A long grunt. My body was pushing on its own. The Doula tells Stephen to push the nurse button. Then she says, "ok, you need to get out of the tub." I can't. I just can't stand up. I can't lift my leg over the tub. I dig my nails in to her arm and start to panic. I am not ready! I am not ready! I tell her I am going to die and that I want my pain meds. She says, "It is too late the baby is coming now." She says everything so calm. I start to take a step away from the tub and I see 5 nurses and a doctor headed my way. They look panicked. They ask me to get to the bed. YEAH RIGHT! I take another step and I am pushing uncontrollably. The nurses lay papers down on the floor as I try to walk and scream at the same time. I am so so so so scared at this point. I can't make to the bed and I can't have the baby standing up. Somehow I walk to the bed. Trust me, I was screaming all the way. I get to the bed and think, "there is no way I am laying down to have this baby!" So I kneel on the floor with my arms stretched over the bed. One nurse grabs my arms as I scream, "I am going to die!!"
Not sure about the time.... I continue pushing and I can literally feel the baby coming down. I can feel him so well that I stop and clamp up. Then I feel another contraction and decide that was a bad idea. I have to push him out, there is no other way. I scream, "CUT HIM OUT!" I push one long hard push and I hear the doctor say, "here is his head." My doula says softly, "ok, small pushes now." I push. I push and I push. I can feel him coming out and I feel a HUGE sense of relief.
12:18 AM Nolen William Barnes is born. Stephen cuts the umbilical cord and I stand up just to lay down on the bed. I wait for about 10 minutes until the placenta comes out. Then I start shaking. Finally a nurse puts two blankets over me after the doctor says I haven't torn a bit. The doula is praising me and I am smiling. I am actually smiling! The worst is over. I did it! I did it all Natural! I made it through. I did something only a handful of women will ever try in their lives. I did it!
2:00 AM We, including Nolen, are wheeled into our room upstairs and now we can relax. YEAH RIGHT, who ever said you could go to the hospital to relax? Either way, things worked out amazing and I have to thank my Doula, Michelle! She did amazing. I met her one time and expected to meet her many times the next week before the baby came. I am so glad things went so well. This was an amazing spiritual experience that I will never forget.
Welcome Baby Nolen!


Andrea said...

"sing-screaming" -- I like that. Great job, Julie! Glad the delivery went well!

Rachel O said...

Doesn't it feel so amazing to know you did it without an epidural? I couldn't have an epidural with Kara, and I just remember how GOOD I felt right after I pushed her out! The pain stopped, I had a huge release of "feel good" hormones, and I knew I did it all by myself!

How exciting for you and your family! Congratulations!

Micah and Melinda said...

Sister you rock! So glad it went well, and you got through it like a champ!

Lindsey and Brett said...

I'm so amazed at you and I love this story because it is so you. (You should have told that lady in your ward off, by the way. What a jerk). I'm glad that this birth was easier in a way than your first. :) Congrats!

Heidi said...

YAY FOR YOU, JULIE!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you for doing it without an epidural!!!! I know it was so hard, but you are right, you do feel amazing after it's all over. I remember being in so much pain when I delivered Cohen without it, and afterwards I was SO proud of myself for doing it without it! And really, what is up with these nurses telling us to be quiet?!?! Hello, it's called "laboring"!!!!! Anyway, congrats to you and Stephen! He is such a precious gift! BTW, I love the name!!! So adorable!

Kayla said...

Awe, I cringe after reading birth stories. I've delivered three without meds, but still they scare me. Those memories pop up and OUCH! Way to go. You are awesome.

BTW: Adam says I have gotten more vocal each time:)

Craig, Blair and Turbo Skousen said...

I am scared and happy all at the same time! ha ha ha....you are awesome!!

Sabs said...

wow this was so intense just to read can't imagine living it! haha. congrats btw! nolen is beautiful!!! good work mama!!

MamaJuneBugJones said...

Love the write up... You did great! Having a baby with no meds is very powerful! You feel as though you can do anything after that! I had 4 of my six that way...
BTW- I love the Little Britches series ( Man of the Family).. I grew up with those books and have read them to my kiddos several times...

Kanets said...

You are hilarious! I can totally picture you sing screaming... I wish I was there. Also love the cut him out comment. I hope you printed a copy of this for Nolen... or at least an edited version :)

Melissa & Phil said...

You go!! My epiduals are my best friend! ( I am a baby:) You are amazing!

megs said...

I am so happy for you, that it went so much better and that you were able to have it your way this time. The Doula plan was brilliant - the moments where the nurse says quiet or wants you to lay down, then you have someone on your side advocating!

Good plan, you knew you wanted it different and made it happen. Rock on Jewls!