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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Loyalty and Ken Skousen

Loyalty: Faithfulness to commitments or obligations. The definition of loyalty should also include a brief biography of Ken Skousen. This word accurately describes a man who would do anything to help his Country, County, Community, Children, and most of all, his Wife. Ken Skousen has spent his career as a lawyer cleaning up the streets of Mohave County to make it safer for the community. He has tried countless cases of hardened criminals and thrown them in prison for the heinous crimes they have committed.
As a young man and father, Ken Skousen worked his way through Law School while running a Dairy farm in a small town just outside Phoenix, Arizona. His devotion to helping others started at an early age as he provided for his family of five children while milking cows and studying the law. He would rise early to feed and milk the cows then drive the 40 minute commute to ASU to study. Upon graduation, Ken acquired a job in the quaint town of Kingman, Arizona. He had already picked up the title of “workaholic” long before his days as a prosecutor. His long hours on the farm and in the classroom have paid off to help the community of Kingman.
Ken has shown his ability, time and time again, to put in more man hours than humanly possible. A typical day for Ken involves waking up around Seven AM and heading in to work. After a long day at work he can be seen on the soccer field with his grandchildren coaching them to excellence. Once he is home from work he spends time with his favorite past time; horses. This outside labor also includes pulling weeds from the garden and plowing the arena. Around Nine o’clock at night Ken heads back in to work to prepare for the next big trial. When does he sleep? That question has often been wondered by his wife and family.
Growing up with my loyal father, I have had the great benefit to see how a man should work and treat his obligations. My father has been a man of trust, a man that works, and most of all a man that loves. We have spent countless hours as children on the road early Saturday mornings to arrive at a rodeo on time. After a long weekend riding horses, my father would pack up the trailer and drive us home just so he could go right in to work early Monday morning. While riding with my father in the truck to each rodeo we would hear stories about his miraculous childhood and the history of our grandparents. My Dad would talk for hours about how we need to work hard as children to become successful adults. This precious time with my father has taught me that I, too, need to own up to all responsibilities without shying away from the hard things in life.
My father has also been a great man in his religious duties to God as well. He has held many time consuming jobs in the church that have ultimately bettered the community. He has worked with people who have needed more than they will ever be able to give. He has given many hours of labor to help those in need and to keep many from suffering.
My father is first and foremost, a husband. He works so that he can spend time with his Wife. Together my parents have raised 5 strong children who have each gone on to become successful adults. Ken has loved his wife most of all and has shown us children and the people around him exactly what a loving husband should be. He is a true example of a man. He is loyal.


Michael and Kendra Taylor said...


Heidi said...

This is a wonderful post!!!

megs said...

I love this post. Because I love seeing how full a life can be - love and work and family and somehow, even when spread thin (and I am always thinking I can't do everything) you don't have to do it all at once, just get to it all and love it. So great Jules!

Kayla said...

Good, good stories!

Paul and Aliisa said...

Thanks for the post! The small amount of time that I have spent with your dad proves to be true! He sure does love his family and GLADLY bends over backwards for you all.