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Friday, July 26, 2013

So, yeah.

Sometimes, being a Mom is just hard.  I feel like I am tested at every single corner.  Yesterday, I had to have a minor surgery to cut out some cancer cells.  It really wasn't that painful; however, the side effects of anesthesia are always rough.  I had a major headache all day and was groggy.  Anyhow, I had to stop at the store to buy milk for Nolen because my preparation didn't include making sure I had enough goats milk for him.  I did; however, clean the entire house, mow the lawn, do the laundry, and prepare food.  So I had to go to the store... with both boys... unprepared.
If I take Nolen to the store, I usually run in and grab what I need so that our trip is painless and fast. This did not happen yesterday.  I grabbed my essential items fast but then realized I needed some more taurine (the vitamin that helps Nolen relax and sleep). 

As a side note, (and don't tell Nolen) he has been sleeping through the night 3 out of 7 nights a week!

So, as I remembered I only had one left at home, I decided to search the store for some.  The vitamins, as I found out, are organized in alphabetical order according to what purpose they serve.  Taurine is an non-essential amino acid.  Starts with A, so I headed to the very first row of the vitamins.  Not there.  I started walking down every isle looking for the right section.  Nolen had it.  He couldn't take another moment of being in the store.  He started screaming.  Loud.  I tried to talk him down, but it didn't work. We got a few funny looks, as to be expected, and I hurriedly turned the corner down the very last vitamin isle.  In this row was an older woman.  She looked annoyed.  I could tell she was annoyed with me.  I told Nolen, but was mostly speaking to the woman, that I just needed to find this one last thing and we would leave.  I walked past her and found what I was looking for!  It wasn't fast enough.  This lady said, "SHUT UP!", right to my son.  To my sweet little boy who is sensitive to being yelled at and who doesn't understand the meaning of the word because I DON'T USE IT!  With this, his tears spilled over his chubby little cheeks.  It was so sad.  I was so stunned.  I grabbed my very last item and practically ran out of the store. 

Nolen is 2.  TWO! He is TWO! Not only is he 2, but he has autism.  I don't expect everyone to know about his autism, but it was pretty obvious he was a little tiny toddler.  Just an innocent little boy who didn't want to be in the vitamin isle at Natural Grocers.  I can't blame him.  I didn't want to be there either.  I wanted to be in my bed nursing my major anesthesia headache. 

I suppose I am learning to become more tolerant of other people with these little life lessons.  Maybe her husband just died.  Maybe she had a headache.  Maybe she this, or that, or something worse.  Who knows.  But what I do know is that somehow, her day was worse than mine and that is tough because I had a pretty bad day.  My heart goes out to her.


Heidi said...

OMG!!! I don't care if that lady was having a bad day, OR that her husband had died....you don't tell another person's child to "shut up!". You are a stronger woman then me, Jules...I would have told her off!!! Having a tantrum, autistic or not, is something ALL kids do, and people should be tolerable of them, especially if the mom is trying her best to diffuse the situation. What a wicked witch, seriously!!!! Grrrr!!!!

Kayla said...

I'm sorry that happened. But I'm proud of you for considering her feelings. You are one classy lady.