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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Whitney and Nolen

Have you ever met someone that you knew was destined to change the world for the better? 

2 years ago, I met that person.  Whitney has been Nolen's therapist for ABA therapy from the start.  She recently accepted a job with Albuquerque Public Schools and is moving on. 
Whitney helped Nolen learn to speak, to piece together sentences, to understand his world as he learned to speak, and to communicate with us, his family.  Nolen has learned important life lessons with Whitney each and every day over the last 2 years.  To see the progress from start to finish says it all.  Our sweet little boy has changed so much.  He can now sit for longer periods of time with distracting sounds and noises happening. 
He can answer questions with full sentences! When Nolen was first diagnosed with autism he was not speaking.  He had just begun to say, "Ready, set, go!" with the help of an amazing speech therapist, Fran.  To hear him speak now, one would never guess he ever had trouble forming his thoughts in to words. 
We have been so blessed to meet Whitney and start our autism journey with her.  She has truly changed our lives for the good.  I am forever grateful for her constant vigilance to help Nolen transition in to our world. 
Applied Behavior Analysis therapy has been an extremely expensive journey.  It has cost us around $30,000 to help Nolen.  If you want to help us with the extreme cost consider booking as photo session at www.jmbimage.com All proceeds go directly to Nolen. 
If you are considering ABA therapy for your son or daughter, DO IT!  Finding the right therapist and the right company make a huge difference.  We initially went through a few therapist that didn't fit our family needs but we are so glad we lucked out with Whitney as our lead tutor 2 years ago.  She is kind, generous, considerate, on time, and always has a smile.  She works with extremely difficult children daily and manages to keep a positive attitude through out her entire session.  I have sat and listened to almost every session and have learned so much from her.  She is such a gem.  We will truly miss her and wish her all the best on her next adventure.  She is truly needed in the autism community and those children she will work with will for ever be blessed. 
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