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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Skousen Family Vacation 2017

Skousen Family Vacation 2017 in Show Low, Arizona!

We started our vacation camping with all of my Aunts and Uncles at Canyon Point Campground.  It rained nearly the whole time we were camping.  We were able to start a fire and roast marshmallows.  The boys loved it so much!  This was their first time sleeping in a tent with their new sleeping bags.  I slept in Jared and Sandy's camp trailer. I went for a 3 mile run around the camp site first thing in the morning and on my last mile, I grabbed all the boys and we ran together.  It was a perfect start to our vacation.
We were in charge of feeding the entire family Tuesday night, so we spent much of Tuesday preparing food.  It hailed on us as we tried to cut tomatoes, cook meat, and heat up rice.  After feeding the family, we drove an hour back to our cabin in Show low.  

 Wednesday, we spent the day at the pool.  Kendra got the worst of the sun.  Her burn lasted all week!  The pool was extremely relaxing.  We ended up waking up each day and doing the Tone it Up workouts as a group.  It was so fun!!

Thursday, we rented two RZR's and went motorcycle riding.  We were out nearly the entire afternoon.  A few of us had to drive the RZR's on the high way.  It was accelerating driving 60 miles an hour with out a windshield.  I tried to capture a photo of my funny face!

Friday, we spent the day relaxing.  Jared woke up nearly every morning and went fishing with the boys.  Stephen and I got massages then I went with the girls to get pedicures.  While we were getting pedicures we heard a gun shot.  It was CRAZY!  It took me a while (like 2 minutes) to decide it was really a gun shot.  The guy doing my nails grabbed my phone and started walking around the salon so I couldn't call 911. I asked if anyone was going to call 911.  Then Sandy told the owner to lock the door to the salon.  He locked it and called 911.  The police came within minutes.  Such a crazy incident.  I guess some guy stepped in to stop a girl fight and one of the girls had a gun and shot the guy in the leg.  He was flown to Phoenix to be treated.
 Friday evening, we sat in the hot tub and chatted with everyone.  

Saturday, we all headed to Lake Hollow!  It rained.  We rented canoe's and paddle boards.  We all jumped in to the muddy water and swam around until lightening chased us away.  Saturday evening, we took family pictures in the rain.  

Sunday, we packed up and went to church.  My sweet little boys headed to Kingman for the week.  I miss them already.  We really had the best time with family.  I am so blessed.  My family is THE BEST!!!      


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