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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The move

Just like that, my last day has come and gone. I am sitting in front of my computer in Albuquerque New Mexico (which shall be known from this day forth as ABQ). I was given a retirement party at work for my last day/my birthday and that couldn't have been a more correct way to celebrate. I do not have a job and have decided I will substitute teach until something comes along. Cooper, Liz, and I went out to the fountains as planned. We have been planning for the last three years to run through the fountains as soon as one of us was fired or quit. Well we waited, and waited, and waited. The fountains never went off. So I took a few pictures of us pretending to run through the fountains. All in all a great way to celebrate my last day with the University of Phoenix.

The drive over to New Mexico was very uneventful. We stopped and ate lunch with Stephen's dad, John, in Heber. A nice little restaurant called the Red Onion. If you drive through you should really check it out. I ate a delicious hamburger that never quite settled in my stomach. Surprisingly, Stephen drove the entire 6 hours! How did I luck out?

I have been here for three days. I have not accomplished much, to say the least. Mostly, I have been trying to figure out how to fit all of my clothes into a tiny closet. I left half of my shoes at Susan's house and still more stuff! I have decided this apartment is the perfect size and I am too big to fit. If any of you actually lived close I might think about giving away half of my wardrobe, seeings as I wont need it for the next billion years.

All in all, ABQ is beautiful. The apartment is dark and deary (Stephen loves it) and I have one friend, Stephen. We joined a gym yesterday and I worked out in a space the size of my living room. Gyms here are a little sparse and when they do sprout up they are expensive and TINY! I suppose most people get their workout done outside while biking and running. I would probably join them, but I am addicted to lifting weights. AND NO, it is not hot here. Far from hot, actually. Yesterday the high was 89!! SERIOUSLY! Where is the heat? I did love that about Phoenix, actual heat. I walk around with a sweater on and Stephen believes I am nuts.

I suppose now that I have been freed from the slavery of a job I will be able to compose more lengthy blogs for those of you who are just as bored as I am.


Shanan and Corey said...

hehe...I think substituting may be a good idea--if you decide you really like teaching then you can look into becoming certified, and if not you can look at other avenues. I am glad you had a good trip over, and once you get more settled I am sure you will find more stuff to do. Keep us up to date though. :)

Sharla said...

we should look on craigslist for a bowflex or something.. would it fit in your apartment?

susan said...

Hey Jewls,

It sounds like you are trying to settle in over there. I know it is different from the way things were here, but I also know that you are glad to be in your own place with your sweetie. We miss having you around the house. It is kind of lonely as Tarek doesn't say much. He misses talking to you...
I am slowly getting over the cat thing. I went out and chopped both of the oleander bushes down yesterday and today. It is my only vendication for the poor cats. I cursed the bushes with every swipe of the clippers. Jared is going to plant some Texas sage for me. I will get the other two by the tree later this week. Those kinds of plants shouldn't be allowed in a people/animal community...
I went to the Red Onion with John once...good food.
I hope it all works out for you to get the sub jobs with the schools. You will be good at it.
Remember to get that book I told you about before you left...you know...What to expect...keep me posted on that...
Well, give my baby boy a big hug and kiss from me and have him give you the same from me.
Take care...Love you guys, Susan

Liz said...

Julie I miss you! Guess what, there are oficially 30 days until Breaking Dawn comes out. I hope you gave Amazon your new address ;) If not I am sure you can go make a change since it has not been shipped out yet. Me and Coop went to the gym for the first time since you left.....I think we almost ran out of sweat it was that bad! I had on deodarent and still smelt funky when it was all said and done. Good times lol. How have you been? I feel like you are on the other side of the world. I am glad to hear you made it there ok and seem to be adjusting a little bit :)

Jake said...

Congrats on the successful move! We are going to be following your example this Tuesday! I can't believe that you are gone and that today is my last day.

Tansey said...

Hey Julie,
How is New Mexico? I bet it's good to be reunited with the husband.