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35 They were desirous to be baptized as a witness and a testimony that they were willing to serve God with all their hearts; Mosiah 21:35

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Rubik's cube!

I do not have a picture, but seriously, I should have snapped one!  Monday, our family went to our semi-annual dental appointment.  Edward was scheduled at 4:30 so he walked back to my room with the hygienist. She had a Rubik's cube and Edward quickly grabbed it off her shelf.  The hygienist and I began talking for about 2 minutes as she set up.  Suddenly, Edward exclaimed, "I did it! I fixed this cube!"  We looked back and he did, indeed, solve the Rubik's cube!  It was so crazy!  He has never seen one in his life.  I was so shocked!
Edward has been doing so much better in school lately, and he has really started to like going to school.  He has finally started to enjoy learning again.  I am so grateful to his amazing teachers that find new and innovative ways to keep his active mind working.  Stephen and I have been reading "Parenting the Strong Willed Child" and I actually think it is working.  Edward is still a little aggressive towards Nolen, but in general, things are better.  Less whining and more happiness.  I love it! This morning at our devotional, we were reading about Captain Moroni defeating the Lamenites.  Edward grabbed his Book of Mormon and made a book mark.  He is starting to understand concepts and ask more questions. 
It is truly an amazing time in Edward's life.     

1 comment:

Andrea Landaker said...

Awesome! Maybe he can talk to Quartz sometime; he is a big Rubik's cube fan. :-)